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2 Dead - Troutdale High School Shooting

06.10.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anthony Roman evaluates what type of investigation will be performed and what we can do to stop mass shootings.


Another Workplace Rambo Shooting

04.30.14 / by Ashley Bennett, Government Security News Magazine

The alarming ongoing trend of mass shootings is assessed by Anthony Roman. What are we doing better? What has not improved?


Navy Yard Reopens, but Scene of Mass Shooting Remains Closed

09.19.13 / by Ernesto Londoño, Matea Gold and Carol D. Leonnig, The Washington Post

Anthony Roman, head of a New York risk-management and investigations firm, called the system (background investigations) "a house of cards."

CrimesSecurity Shootings

CNBC Breaking News: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Kelly Evans, CNBC Squawk on the Street

Anthony Roman consults on breaking news with Kelly Evans of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" regarding the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings.


CNN Live: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman discusses security and tactics with Brooke Baldwin on CNN's "News Room" regarding the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings.


CNBC Live: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Melissa Lee, CNBC

Anthony Roman discusses background investigation deficits in Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings on CNBC's "Fast Money" with Melissa Lee.


A Lone Bandit and the Mystery of France's Greatest Diamond Heist

09.05.13 / by Ryan Jacobs, The Atlantic

Anthony Roman, CEO of the global risk management firm Roman & Associates and John J. Kennedy, the president of the New York-based trade association Jewelers' Security Alliance, consult with renowned media outlet, The Atlantic, regarding the $163 Million jewelry heist in Cannes, France.


Data Security Begins With the Traveler

09.03.13 / by Joe Sharkey, New York Times

Mr. Roman, president of Roman & Associates, which specializes in investigations and risk management consulting explains that isolated unauthorized charges on your credit card statement most likely indicate that sophisticated cybercriminals are waiting to see if you will notice.

CrimesCyberattacks Security Travel

Bloomberg: $163 Million Jewelry Heist, French Riviera

07.30.13 / by Trish Regan and Adam Johnson, Bloomberg

Anthony Roman consults with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg's "Street Smart" regarding the Cannes $163 million jewelry heist.


Boston Marathon Bombing

04.16.13 / by Anthony Roman, National and International Media Outlets

Anthony Roman consults with multiple media outlets.


Boston Marathon Blasts Kill 2, Police Say

04.15.13 / by John Eligon and Ken Belson, New York Times

Anthony Roman analyzes the differences between the New York Police Department and Boston Police Department counter terror capabilities.


Lots of Tips in Latest FBI Gardner Push

03.20.13 / by Matt Stout, Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald

Suddenly the FBI is rattling everybody's cage by going public - and going public in a very strong, dramatic way," said Anthony Roman. "They're putting tremendous pressure on the smuggling rings and owners and organized crime networks involved."

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Jewelry Industry News: 50 Million Brussels Diamond Theft Was "Spectacular"

02.25.13 / by Rob Bates, JCK

As robberies go, this was absolutely spectacular, agrees Anthony Roman.


Locked doors, safety training and remote car starters go a long way to protect lawyers, expert says

02.13.13 / by Martha Neil, American Bar Association Journal

Anthony Roman comments on attorney safety in the shadow of recent fatal attacks against Arizona lawyer and Texas


The Great American Gun Debate

01.11.13 / by Anthony Roman, CNN

The Golden 10 Minutes of Survival.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Dutch Art Thieves Were No 'Ocean's 11' Team

10.18.12 / by Toby Sterling, Associated Press (Amsterdam)

Anthony Roman said the Kunsthal's level of defenses appeared so basic as to be "astounding," given the value of the art it was housing. He said an alarm system alone would never be enough to stop criminals...


CNN Breaking News: 10 Shot Outside Empire State Building.

08.27.12 / by CNN Breaking News

Breaking News - Anthony Roman Consults with Carol Costello from CNN: 10 Shot Outside Empire State Building.


Lone Wolves Stalking - Just An Olympic Risk?

08.01.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

London's anti-terror defense preparations would make Churchill proud. Nevertheless, a menace may lurk among the onlookers at the Summer Olympics.


CNN Breaking News Video -- Aroura, CO Shootings

07.27.12 / by CNN Breaking News

Anthony Roman consults with Soledad O'Brien.


Top 10 Obstacles in Fraud Prevention

04.27.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

Anthony Roman, head of global security and risk-management firm Roman & Associates, outlines 10 key obstacles that require careful consideration...

CrimesCyberattacks Investigations

Wild Weather Blows Open the Realm of Potential Liabilities at Museums

02.17.12 / by James Murdock, National Underwriter P&C

Extreme weather opens the door for other potential losses aside from property damage. Thieves, for instance, can take advantage of the distraction these events create. Pilferage and "mysterious disappearances" remain a top loss area for museums, says Anthony Roman


Beyond Paradise: Evolving Risks in the Caribbean

11.30.11 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

There is, however, a more sinister side to the Caribbean. An often ignored side that must be considered when evaluating personal and business line risks.

CrimesSecurity Travel

NBC-Video--Washington Nationals MLB star, kidnapped in Venezuela

11.17.11 / by NBC News 4, Washington D.C.

Anthony Roman consults with NBC News 4 in Washington D.C. regarding the kidnapping of Washington Nationals MLB star, Wilson Ramos.


The Black Arts: Theft of Antiquities

09.27.11 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

From the largest art theft in the world valued at $300 million at the Gardner Museum in Boston, to a handyman stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, art and antiquities theft is a major crime industry. It is rated third in the hierarchy behind narcotics and weapons trafficking. Italy alone suffers 20,000 art thefts a year, despite a 300 strong dedicated police art theft unit.


CNN International-Video--Domestic terror attack in Norway.

07.29.11 / by CNN International, World Report

Anthony Roman consults with CNN International's World Report regarding domestic terror attack in Norway.


MSNBC-Video--Domestic terror attack in Norway.

07.24.11 / by MSNBC, Today Live

Anthony Roman consults with MSNBC regarding domestic terror attack in Norway.


Murdoch empire rocked by scandal

07.18.11 / by Matthew Flamm, Crain's New York Business

If the FBI is interested, the Securities and Exchange Commission is going to be interested, said Anthony Roman, CEO of investigation firm Roman & Associates with regards to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

CrimesLaw Enforcement

Summer travel alert: Scammers target hotel guests

07.07.11 / by Herb Weisbaum, MSNBC

This is a very old and common scam in the hotel business, hotel security consultant Anthony Roman tells me. "It does not go away." Roman says it does not require any particular technical skills.


NYC hotel to buy 'panic buttons' for housekeepers

06.02.11 / by Chris Hawley, Colleen Long,, Associated Press

Anthony Roman, a hotel security expert, said panic button systems can be complicated and are not a 'silver bullet' protection against assaults. The devices must be small and inconspicuous so that an assailant cannot remove them easily. They also must include a locating device that works indoors so security guards can find an employee in trouble.


CNN-Video--Hotel Maids at Risk for Rape?

06.01.11 / by The Situation Room, CNN

Anthony Roman consults with CNN on The Situation Room regarding hotel security.



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