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Arenas Are an Attractive Terror Target

05.23.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Security Deficiencies

Security Terrorism

Arrested United Passenger - The Untold Story

05.16.17 / by Annie Flodin, Airways Magazine

A New Viewpoint From Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman

AviationSecurity Travel

Russian Bombing Security May Have Been Lax

04.04.17 / by Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides an Early Analysis

Security Terrorism

Russian Train Bombing - Can it Happen in US?

04.03.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman says yes; but it is more difficult.

Mass TransitSecurity Terrorism

Fight With A Shoplifter

03.22.17Inside Edition

Is it Right or Wrong? Anthony Roman weighs in.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Super Bowl Eyes In The Sky

02.03.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Breaks Down Airspace Security.

EventsSecurity Technology

Too Few Deputies At Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

01.22.17 / by Michael Sallah and Kristyn Wellesley, USA TODAY

Analyst Anthony Roman Says Response Was Rapid & Brave, But Deputy Shortage Cost Lives.

AviationLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings Travel

Airports: Why Are They Still Vulnerable?

01.14.17 / by Laura Ruane, USA Today

Analyst Anthony Roman Says It's All About The Money.

AviationSecurity Travel

Holiday Terror Threats on the Rise?

12.19.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Says Yes.

Security Terrorism

Art Thieves Are Not That Smart

09.30.16 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Investigator Anthony Roman comments along with FBI Experts.


Russians Hack Colin Powell's Email?

09.15.16Boston Herald

Will His Comments Affect The Election? Anthony Roman Comments.

Cyberattacks Security

TSA, Both a Blessing and a Curse

09.11.16 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Analyst Anthony Roman Describes the Pros & Cons of TSA

AviationSecurity Travel

Fear & Panic at LAX

08.30.16 / by Jon Schuppe, NBC News

Investigator Anthony Roman Says Response Protocols Need Upgrading.


LAX Scare

08.29.16 / by Leslie Josephs, Quartz

Analyst Anthony Roman Comments.


False Alarm: Active Shooter LAX

08.29.16Associated Press

Anthony Roman Describes Passenger Reaction.


TSA Discovers Grenades & Guns at Dayton

07.21.16 / by Thomas Gnau, Dayton Daily News

Passenger Compliance Depends on Many Factors, says Anthony Roman.

AviationSecurity Travel

Terror Scare JFK Airport

06.30.16 / by Megan Alexander, Inside Edition

Analyst Anthony Roman Witnesses & Films Chaotic Evacuation.

AviationSecurity Terrorism

Better Airport Security

06.30.16Associated Press

Anthony Roman Describes a Better Plan.


See Something, Say Something

06.30.16 / by Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times

Anthony Roman Describes Both the Downside & Upside.

Law EnforcementSecurity

TSA Security Academy

06.29.16Associated Press

Anthony Roman Says it's an Important First Step.


TSA Improvement Not Enough

06.29.16 / by David Koenig, Associated Press

Two Weeks Training Does Not Solve Their Problems says Anthony Roman.


More Armed Security for Airports

06.29.16 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman Says Intercept The Risk Away From The Terminals.


Turkey Faces Unique Terror Problems

06.29.16 / by Newsday, BBC World

Does the US? Anthony Roman Discusses the Problems.

Security Terrorism

Is The Orlando Attack Similar to Paris?

06.15.16BBC Mundo

Spain's BBC Speaks to Anthony Roman. Translated to English.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Who Is To Blame for Delays, TSA?

05.27.16 / by Julia Zorthian, TIME

Analyst Anthony Roman Says Problems Can Be Fixed.


TSA - A Growing Dilemma

05.18.16 / by Tomi Lahren, TheBlaze TV

Anthony Roman offers solutions to complex problems.


TSA - A Boring Job

05.17.16 / by Amanda Ota, ABC7 Wash. DC

Analyst Anthony Roman says, fix the boredom, fix their problems.


Two Hour TSA Lines

05.14.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC7 Wash. DC

Anthony Roman Explains How Not To Miss Your Flight.


TSA Screening During Peak Periods

05.04.16Inside Edition

Expect Long Lines & Delays Says Anthony Roman.



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