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Reporter, Photographer Shot During Live Report

08.26.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman joins Thomas Roberts to discuss workplace violence.


How Was Virginia Shooting Suspect Captured?

08.26.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman explains how police License Plate Readers helped with Thomas Roberts.


New Bodycam Videos of Sam Dubose Shooting

07.30.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Former Human Rights Commissioner Anthony Roman joins Thomas Roberts for analysis.

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings

Vacation in the Middle East?

03.19.15 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman offers risk avoidance advice.

Shootings TerrorismTravel

School Massacre, Dead & Wounded Reported

10.25.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anchors of The Cycle & Anthony Roman analyze the root cause of repeated school shootings.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Deadly High School Shootings

10.25.14 / by Chris Matthews, MSNBC

Anchor Chris Matthews & Anthony Roman discuss the primary solutions to the ongoing school shooting dilemma.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Canadian Terrorist Attack

10.24.14 / by The Reid Report, MSNBC

Counter-terror specialist Anthony Roman is on the panel with Joy Reid during the breaking Ottawa shooting. Is this a "new world war"?

Shootings Terrorism

Breaking News: 2 Students Dead In Washington

10.24.14 / by The Reid Report, MSNBC

Anthony Roman joins Joy Reid to comment on the breaking news of a school shooting in Marysville, WA.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Canada Shooting Raises Counter-Terror Awareness

10.22.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anthony Roman discusses counter-terror tactics with anchors of The Cycle in the aftermath of the shooting in Ottawa.

Shootings Terrorism

2 Dead - Troutdale High School Shooting

06.10.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anthony Roman evaluates what type of investigation will be performed and what we can do to stop mass shootings.


Another Workplace Rambo Shooting

04.30.14 / by Ashley Bennett, Government Security News Magazine

The alarming ongoing trend of mass shootings is assessed by Anthony Roman. What are we doing better? What has not improved?


Preventing the Unthinkable - School Security

01.13.14 / by Adam Stone, USA Today

Preventing the unthinkable: "Anthony Roman says ironically, the government's success fighting terror abroad may be the best reason to fear terror at home."

Security Shootings

No Cracks Seen in Business at Bryant Park Rink (Bryant Park Shooting)

11.11.13 / by Lisa Fickenscher, Crain's New York Business

Anthony Roman adds, "Bryant Park formerly was crime ridden and now is a jewel in the city."

Security Shootings

Bloomberg: LAX Shootings and Airport Security

11.04.13 / by Trish Regan and Adam Johnson, Bloomberg

Anthony Roman debates Congressman John Mica, former Chairman of the House Transportation Committee, on privatization of airport TSA security.

AviationSecurity Shootings Travel

Navy Yard Reopens, but Scene of Mass Shooting Remains Closed

09.19.13 / by Ernesto Londoño, Matea Gold and Carol D. Leonnig, The Washington Post

Anthony Roman, head of a New York risk-management and investigations firm, called the system (background investigations) "a house of cards."

CrimesSecurity Shootings

CNBC Breaking News: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Kelly Evans, CNBC Squawk on the Street

Anthony Roman consults on breaking news with Kelly Evans of CNBC's "Squawk on the Street" regarding the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings.


CNN Live: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman discusses security and tactics with Brooke Baldwin on CNN's "News Room" regarding the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings.


CNBC Live: Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

09.16.13 / by Melissa Lee, CNBC

Anthony Roman discusses background investigation deficits in Washington D.C. Navy Yard shootings on CNBC's "Fast Money" with Melissa Lee.


Wall Street Journal Radio: Gun Control Legislation

01.17.13 / by Michael Castner

Anthony Roman consults with host Michael Castner on President Obama's gun control legislation.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

The Great American Gun Debate

01.11.13 / by Anthony Roman, CNN

The Golden 10 Minutes of Survival.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Simple, low-tech solutions for school safety

12.23.12 / by Christopher Dawson, ZDNet

Tony Roman explained that schools don't need jail-like institutions or the extreme solution of armed teachers, which is both unnecessary and dangerous. Rather.......he said, "10 minutes is the magic number...what schools need to be able to do is buy time."

Security Shootings

How Do We Protect Ourselves

12.19.12 / by by Kim Roman-Podlinski, CNN

How do we come to terms with this tragedy and learn how to protect ones we love in the process?

Security Shootings

Wall Street Journal: Police Dilemma Over Gun Rules

08.27.12 / by Tamer El-Ghobashy, Chad Bray and Steve Eder, The Wall Street Journal

Anthony Roman explains, "When the police arrive and the shooter faces them and raises a gun, they have every right to attempt to stop the shooter,"

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

CNN Breaking News: 10 Shot Outside Empire State Building.

08.27.12 / by CNN Breaking News

Breaking News - Anthony Roman Consults with Carol Costello from CNN: 10 Shot Outside Empire State Building.


CNN Breaking News Video -- Aroura, CO Shootings

07.27.12 / by CNN Breaking News

Anthony Roman consults with Soledad O'Brien.


A Cold Chain of Consequence: The Trayvon Martin Killing

07.11.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

"Be careful, kid. A gun can take you places that you don't want to go."

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings


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