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Caution: Presidential Vote Meddling

09.23.20 / by CBS News

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Deep Interference in American Elections by Nation States

Cyberattacks Technology

Facebook - Traps & Tips

04.15.20 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman Provides Sound Protection Advice

Security Technology

TSA Fails To Protect Energy Pipelines

05.10.19 / by James Osborne, Houston Chronicle

Software Patent Holder Anthony Roman Provides Overview Statement Summarizing An Ideal Pipeline Cyber Program

Security Technology

Did Boeing Fail To Alert Customers?

05.06.19 / by Cavuto: Coast To Coast, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Comments on Inoperative Safety System

AviationTechnology Travel

FAA Allows Boeing To Self-Certify Aircraft Since 2005

03.14.19 / by Making Money With Charles Payne, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Weighs In

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

737 MAX Globally Grounded

03.14.19 / by Mornings With Maria, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Evaluates 5 Pilot Complaints

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

What Could Be Wrong With The 737 MAX

03.14.19 / by Pete Evans, CBC News

Anthony Roman, Risk Manager & Commercial Pilot, Gives Analysis

AviationSecurity Technology Travel

Debate: Boeing Max Safety

03.13.19 / by CBS News

Anthony Roman, The FAA, NTSB & Transportation Experts Join a Spirited Disagreement

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

737 MAX Devastating New Information

03.13.19 / by Cavuto: Coast To Coast, FOX Business Network

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Discloses New Safety Flaw Reports

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

UK Grounds Boeing Max

03.12.19 / by Varney & Co., Fox Business Network

Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman Says It May Be Premature

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

Should US Ground 737 MAX?

03.12.19 / by Squawk Box, CNBC

Anthony Roman, Risk Manager & Commercial Pilot, Says Not So Fast

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

737MAX Copilot Had Only 200 Hours of Experience

03.11.19 / by Sandra Smith, The Story, FOX News

Anthony Roman Assesses Passenger Flying Risks

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

Is the Boeing 737 MAX Unsafe?

03.11.19 / by Emily Chang, Bloomberg Technology, Bloomberg TV

Anthony Roman Addresses These Concerns

AviationInvestigationsTechnology Travel

KRACK Wi-Fi Attack: How Vulnerable Are You?

10.17.17 / by Carolyn Gusoff, CBS

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Walks You Through the Maze

CrimesCyberattacks Technology

Next Stop: Airport Facial Recognition Tech

06.30.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman says this layer of security adds an important safety element

AviationSecurity Technology TerrorismTravel

Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Help Protect Airports

06.22.17 / by Cade Metz, The New York Times

Software Patent Holder, Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman Provides Answers

AviationSecurity Technology Travel

Electronics Ban On Some Flights

03.21.17Associated Press

Anthony Roman & Other Experts Comment


Super Bowl Eyes In The Sky

02.03.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Breaks Down Airspace Security.

EventsSecurity Technology

Computer Failure At American Airlines

09.17.15 / by Steve Strunsky, The Star Ledger

Are Airliners At Risk? Software Designer & Pilot Anthony Roman Answers.

AviationTechnology Travel

Boeing 777 Component On Reunion Island

07.30.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Investigator & Former Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman joins Thomas Roberts for analysis.


Passenger Video of Flight's Last Moments

04.01.15 / by Erin Burnett, CNN

Erin Burnett, Richard Quest, and Anthony Roman Vigorously Debate.


UK Air Traffic Control Computers Fail

12.12.14 / by Laura Trevelyan, BBC World News

Anthony Roman discusses both the risks of hacking air traffic control computers and the future of flying safety.

AviationTechnology Travel

FBI Probes Hack of Sony Pictures

12.02.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman comments on how the incident "doesn't fit the profile of a government attack."

Cyberattacks Technology

MIT Gets $15M to Thwart Cyberthreats

11.19.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman discusses an initiative by MIT to deal with the growing number of cyber attacks.

Cyberattacks Technology

1 Dead, 1 Injured In Space Ship Crash

11.03.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman provides insight regarding the Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo crash.


How Risky Is Space Tourism Flight?

11.03.14 / by The Ed Show, MSNBC

Aviation expert & Investigator Anthony Roman comments on the risks of space tourism flight.


Keeping tabs on traveling CEOs

04.06.11 / by James Bernstein, Newsday

Tony Roman is getting to be a very popular guy these days among corporations and top executives. It's not that he's bringing them money. It's that he's helping keep them safe, or at least his software is.

Security Technology Travel


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