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Are US Airports Safe?

05.20.16Inside Edition

Good Security Cannot be Fast & Cheap, says Analyst Anthony Roman.


EgyptAir Lost Over the Mediterranean

05.19.16 / by Squawk Box, CNBC

Analysis by Anthony Roman Reviews Possible Scenarios.


Police Terror Drills Risks

04.12.16NBC4 New York

Anthony Roman Says There is a Risk to Civilians.

Law EnforcementShootings Terrorism

Airports: How to Prevent a Bombing

04.05.16 / by Chasing News, FOX5

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Weighs-In.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Flight Crew's Response to Egypt Air Hijacking

03.30.16 / by Amanda Ota, ABC7 Wash. DC

Analyst & Pilot Anthony Roman provides Crew's Perspective.

AviationSecurity Terrorism

Security Analysis of Egypt Air Hijacking - Part 1

03.30.16 / by Katty Kay, BBC World News

This Early Analysis by Anthony Roman Changes After Later Developing Evidence.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Security Analysis of Egypt Air Hijacking - Part 2

03.30.16 / by Quest Means Business, CNN

Scrutiny of Security Video by Analyst Anthony Roman.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

3/22- US Airports Vulnerable to Attack

03.28.16 / by Steve Bittenbender, Government Security News

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Highlights Risk.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Euro Travel Safety Tips

03.28.16 / by Solomon Israel, CBC News

Analyst Anthony Roman outlines some tips for the heightened risks.


Anatomy of ISIS

03.23.16 / by Chris Matthews, MSNBC

Risk Management Analyst Anthony Roman Tears Down The Myths.


Belgium: A Hot Bed of Terror

03.22.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC7 Wash. DC

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Explains Why.


American Airport's Attack Vulnerabilities

03.22.16 / by Dan Mangan, CNBC

Anthony Roman, counter-terror analyst, describes our strengths, weaknesses & risks.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Brussels Attack: Is America Prepared?

03.22.16 / by Closing Bell, CNBC

Both Yes & No Says Anthony Roman.


Preventing A U.S. Airport Terror Attack

03.22.16NY Daily News

Anthony Roman & Other Counter-Terror Analysts Discuss Attack Mitigation.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Terrorism: Causes & Solutions

03.22.16 / by Chris Matthews, MSNBC

Hardball's Chris Mathews Interviews Anthony Roman About The Brussels Attack.


Paris Suffers ISIS Inspired Attack

01.07.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC7 WJLA

"There Has To Be A Balance Between Freedom, Safety & Protection" says Anthony Roman.

Security Terrorism

Travel Risks During 2016

01.01.16 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman Describes Some Safety Measures.

Security Shootings TerrorismTravel

New Year's Eve Terror Risks

12.31.15Inside Edition

Anthony Roman Says Lone Wolves Are The Hardest To Track.

Security Terrorism

Terror Threats in Los Angeles & NYC

12.16.15 / by Nancy Dillon, NY Daily News

Anthony Roman highlights the differences in NYPD v. LA PD Responses.

Security TerrorismTravel

LA School Bomb Hoax

12.16.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Did LA "Overreact"? Anthony Roman Outlines Decision Making & Consequences.

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

ISIS & The Evolving Terror Threat

12.15.15 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC7 WJLA

Anthony Roman Describes Counter-Terror Tactics.

Security Terrorism

FBI Reveals New Info. CA Attack

12.07.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

MSNBC Analyst Anthony Roman Offers Additional Insight.

Shootings Terrorism

Calif. Wife Pledges Allegiance To ISIS

12.05.15Inside Edition

Analyst Anthony Roman Explains - Why?

Shootings Terrorism

Terrorism - Are We Prepared?

12.04.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Investigation & Counter Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides Insight.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings Terrorism

Terror Risks

12.04.15Inside Edition

Anthony Roman Offers a Thought on San Bernardino Attack.

Security Shootings Terrorism

More Paris-Like Attacks In The Pipeline

11.19.15 / by Steve Bittenbender, Government Security News

Anatomy of a Terror Attack is Described by Anthony Roman.

Security Terrorism

Paris Travel Tips & Fears

11.19.15CBC News

Personal Thoughts Offered by the Traveling Public & Anthony Roman.


11/15- France Is ISIS Primary Target

11.16.15Bloomberg TV

Is the US At Risk? Anthony Roman Explains the Anatomy of a Terror Attack.


Ridding The World Of ISIS

11.16.15 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC7 WJLA

How Do We Defeat A Militarized & Radicalized Ideology? Anthony Roman Weighs In.


11/14- Paris Attacks: How Did This Happen?

11.15.15CBC News

Terrorist Methods & Tactics Explained by Anthony Roman.



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