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US Airports Are Not Secure Enough

11.21.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Commercial Pilot & Risk Manager Anthony Roman Says It Takes More Than Police Assault Weapons to Secure Airports

AviationSecurity Travel

Historic NYPD Protection Measures for NYC Marathon

11.04.17 / by Mary Pilon, VICE

Risk Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Protection Methodology

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Can NYC Protect Against All Extremist Attacks?

11.01.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Counter Terror Analyst, Answers & Explains

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Past View: Who Threatened the Gonzalez Families?

10.21.17 / by Anna North, The New York Times

Investigator Anthony Roman comments about a specific hate crime


Past View: When a SWAT Team Comes to Your House...

10.21.17 / by Anna North, The New York Times

Investigator & Security Expert Anthony Roman discusses a disturbing crime called "swatting"


KRACK Wi-Fi Attack: How Vulnerable Are You?

10.17.17 / by Carolyn Gusoff, CBS

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Walks You Through the Maze

CrimesCyberattacks Technology

Las Vegas Security

10.06.17 / by Capital Connection, CNBC

Investigator & Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman assesses indoor and outdoor security in Vegas

Security Shootings Travel

Security May Have to Change After Vegas Shooting

10.03.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Security expert Anthony Roman says vacation venue security and self-education is key

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Were Warning Signs Missed in Vegas Shooting?

10.03.17 / by Megan Guza, Pittsburgh Tribune

Las Vegas shooting to change security priorities, experts say


NYPD Steps Up Security After Las Vegas Massacre

10.03.17 / by Tony Aiello, CBS News

Security analyst Anthony Roman pinpoints extra security precautions

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Security Will Need to Change in Light of Las Vegas Tragedy

10.03.17 / by Herb Weisbaum, KOMO NewsRadio

Investigator & Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman discusses

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Airports & Bomb Sniffing Dogs

09.21.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Investigator Anthony Roman Says More Bomb Sniffing Dogs Are Needed

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Is US Mass Transit as Vulnerable as London Trains?

09.15.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Says NYPD Sets the Global Safety Standard

Mass TransitSecurity TerrorismTravel

Boeing Aircraft Creates Outline of Plane

08.04.17 / by Ariana Brockington, NBC News

Investigator and commercial pilot Anthony Roman says "It's all okay."


16 Marines Killed in Aircraft Crash

07.11.17 / by Erik Ortiz, NBC News

Anthony Roman comments on aircraft safety.


Next Stop: Airport Facial Recognition Tech

06.30.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman says this layer of security adds an important safety element

AviationSecurity Technology TerrorismTravel

Airline Capt. Tell Passengers "Pray" After Malfunction

06.26.17 / by On The Story With Erica Hill, CNN

Anchor Erica Hill interviews Anthony Roman.


Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Help Protect Airports

06.22.17 / by Cade Metz, The New York Times

Software Patent Holder, Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman Provides Answers

AviationSecurity Technology Travel

Flight Turbulence Can Cause Injuries

06.21.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Explains the Risk & Causes


Travelers to UK Will Face Heightened Security Following Attack

05.25.17 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Investigator Anthony Roman Recommends How To Protect Yourself


Person of Interest Wanted In LaGuardia Airport Security Breach


Investigative Analyst Anthony Roman says it is "unforgivable"


Manchester Bombing Demonstrates Difficulty Defending Large Events

05.23.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman Reviews Good & Bad Counter-Terror Tactics

Security Terrorism

Arenas Are an Attractive Terror Target

05.23.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Security Deficiencies

Security Terrorism

Aircraft Missing - Bermuda Triangle

05.18.17 / by Chasing News, FOX

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Sorts Thru The Mystery


Learjet Crash Caused By Wind Gusts?

05.16.17 / by Len Melisurgo, The Star Ledger

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Says It's Possible


Arrested United Passenger - The Untold Story

05.16.17 / by Annie Flodin, Airways Magazine

A New Viewpoint From Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman

AviationSecurity Travel

Russian Bombing Security May Have Been Lax

04.04.17 / by Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides an Early Analysis

Security Terrorism

Train Blast Kills 10, Wounds 50

04.03.17 / by John Bacon and Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Risk Analyst Anthony Roman Says Early Photos Reflect an Explosion from Within The Passenger Compartment of the Train.

Mass TransitTerrorism

Russian Train Bombing - Can it Happen in US?

04.03.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman says yes; but it is more difficult.

Mass TransitSecurity Terrorism

London Attack Analysis

03.23.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

"We cannot become so numb to these attacks that our guard begins to slip, that our sense of awareness starts to fail." Roman said.

Shootings Terrorism


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