Intelligence Professionals

Roman employs former domestic and foreign government intelligence officers, and Unit level special-forces personnel, who, when appropriate, oversee international investigations and operations. These experts also advise, and sometimes take the lead, in certain domestic cases.

Expert Investigators

Our professional investigation department includes former government investigators and agents, admitted attorneys and prosecutors, cyber and financial forensic experts, and licensed adjusters. These experts operate nationally and internationally to uncover all the facts.


Roman's in-house counsel knows the laws and regulations that help minimize risk, limit liability and avoid penalties associated with any compliance violation. Our attorneys, which include former litigators and prosecutors, consult on all cases and help our clients with trial preparation.

Forensic Accountants

Our certified forensic accountants use their superior accounting knowledge and investigative skills to support various litigation and investigative accounting matters. Their advanced knowledge of typical fraud schemes and data analysis techniques help us to perform investigations efficiently and strategically.

Certified & Degreed Engineers

Our staff of in-house computer engineers can perform computer forensics and network threat assessments. Our engineers can also assess your cyber-security policies and procedures and how they are applied in the work environment by the employees at large.

Special Response Teams

Roman's Special Response Teams consist of Former Intelligence and Special Forces level operators, former professional pilots, and foreign language experts. Equipped with the latest technology, these elite teams can handle the most delicate and critical operations domestically and abroad, including conflict zones. 


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