"As I knew you guys would…Roman’s crew saved the day! You made sure everything was done timely and without issue…You have ALWAYS made stuff like this so easy…WHENEVER I can I will call upon your excellent services! "

Joy G.

Regional Law Firm


"My thoughts on working with Roman, reports are clear, timely and consistent. The adjuster follow-up on assignments are commendable. "

Francine M.

Regional Insurance Company


" Everything was wonderful, Roman was on top of everything we are extremely happy with the results and their statements and photos are proving to be very helpful for negotiation at this time, so thank you. "

Angela C.

Regional Insurance Company


"The assignment was timely and professionally completed; we are very pleased with the energy and care given to the assignment including the detailed written report with accompanying photos"

Anngelica D.

Regional Law Firm


"You did an excellent job. I appreciate the detail provided, as well as the investigator promptly securing the contract for the painting/waterproofing company, which allows me to expeditiously pursue a risk transfer opportunity. I do not underestimate the positive impact a thorough investigation can have on the bottom line and look forward to working with you again."

Mario A.

National Insurance Company


"Thank you very much for your time and testimony this afternoon and your diligent work on this file. The case was decided in our favor this afternoon and the claimant was found to have committed fraud."

David K.

Regional Workers' Compensation & Disability Benefits Carrier


"By using Roman we are saving $2 for every $1 we spend. Great work, and thank you, as always. Let your team know that we really appreciate your efforts."

Scott H.

National SIU Company


"Thank you for your great service. You guys do a great job."

John S

Regional Law Firm


"Everyone from Roman and the reports I recently received were great. I appreciate the quick turnaround and response times. "

Kate M.

International Insurance Company


"I, as well as a majority of my coworkers, use your company, as you are usually able to provide the information we need to get our files settled. Keep up the great work. I look forward to using your company again and again!"

Cheryl S.

National Insurance Company


"You guys do a great job on your reports and I appreciate all the hard work you guys do! I look forward to partnering with you in the future! "

Erica K.

International Multiline Claims Services Provider


"I thought the customer service was great…the investigators kept me up to date routinely, without me having to follow up. Thank you for the remarkable service"

Joe B.

Fortune-500 Global Insurance Company



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