Roman is able to perform at a higher quality and consistency level due to our staff's specialties, professional backgrounds, and our patented, proprietary business management system.

Unparalleled Staff, Methods, Technology, and Results

The technical backgrounds and experience of our staff is unparalleled. Former Intelligence and Special Forces level operators along with our in-house foreign language capabilities, multicultural investigators, commercial pilots and our deep understanding of contractor and military nuance provide distinctive advantages over any other investigation firms.

Our software and intelligence capabilities provide a superior background assessment of foreign nationals who are assisting our insureds and the United States military. Roman's patented, proprietary business management system, NYLE®, provides a level of compliance, quality assurance and active field operations tracking, which is unrivaled.

Add to the above the best technological hardware being used on the ground and in the air — and assets across the globe that are trained and vetted to conduct investigations — and you end up with a combination that is able to tackle any challenge with incredible results.

Foreign Record Retrieval & Forensic Examination

We navigate the complexities of foreign privacy regulation and bureaucratic obstacles while complying with the Federal Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). Our experience reflects that documents prepared in the third world have a higher incidence of document tampering. We have been successful in demonstrating document tampering through technical and forensic examination.



Our surveillance techniques allow us to remain concealed even in some of the most troubled settings aided by the best professional surveillance equipment on the ground and in the air.


Site Investigations

State-of-the-art hardware and digital imaging is used so that our "eyes in the sky" can provide professional photographs and videos in the highest resolutions — during the day or in the darkest of nights.


Air Medevac

Our team can promptly provide an Air Medevac or Medical Escort to a nearby medical facility with the maximum data regarding patient condition. When necessary we can respond within the "golden hour."



We conduct interviews using skilled personnel who have knowledge of special operations and the contractor environment. This allows us to get to the facts more accurately and efficiently.


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