Digital Forensics

We're partners with an advanced Department of Defense certified University lab through which we perform our digital forensic investigations. This partnership gives us the ability to access a highly advanced research-level lab, including equipment and personnel that enables more secure and thorough digital investigations.

Forensic Accounting

Our cyber unit specializes in serving private and public companies and the insurance industry. Our forensic CPAs and digital investigation specialists can help identify, document, and consult with you on the presence of digital evidence in your case. We can review irregularities in financials and identify devices that contain digital evidence.

Social Engineering

Social engineering is the art of influencing people so they give up confidential information. Our cyber unit, under the guidance of in-house counsel, utilizes legal methods to gather information and evidence through careful research and psychology, and the use of social media, email, and other proven digital techniques.

Reverse Malware Engineering

Roman excels in malicious code analysis as well as reverse engineering of all forms of malware. Our skilled engineers will uncover the intruding software’s functionality and capabilities, determine how the malware operates, take precautions to prevent further contamination, and safely remove the damaging code.

Deep Web Expertise

Our team of in-house analyst investigators receive regular updated training on the latest types of Deep Web information mining. They are experts in searching for vital evidence that pertains to a case. This training is provided by Roman's in-house computer engineering department which has been awarded four U.S. Patents.

Open Source Intelligence

The Roman team excels in the collection and analysis of information that is gathered from public and open sources. This gathered data can be critical to the success of the investigation.


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