Our primary objective is to protect your assets, fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders and investors, and to help you make more fully informed financial decisions.

Our services are manifold, but they all support our primary objectives: to protect your assets, to fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities to shareholders and/or potential investors, and to help you make more fully informed investment and/or acquisition decisions.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

FCPA may be applied concerning business transactions believed to be perfectly legitimate. The result can be criminal prosecution and/or significant fines. Our attorney investigators, former Justice Department Special Agents, forensic accountants, forensic computer engineers, and undercover investigators are uniquely suited to assist defense counsel in securing the evidence required to pursue a successful defense of your matter.

Licensing & Patents

Competition to obtain intellectual property is intensifying, especially in emerging markets, while conventional legal approaches to coping with intellectual property theft are often ineffective. We are highly experienced with license and patent infringement and investigation, and licensing verification (so as to ensure that a particular licensee is reporting revenue consistent with production of product).


Due Dilligence

Roman provides in-depth due diligence services — a prerequisite discovery phase for acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, key hires, and other transactions.


Forensic Analysis

We provide expert testimony, forensic data recovery, chain of custody, forensic imaging, and computer forensic investigations in civil and criminal cases.


Assets Check

Knowledge of assets can be critical in making a key hiring decision, initiating a merger, acquisition, or new business agreement, proceeding with litigation, or collecting a judgment.


Security Risk Assessments

“Bulletproof” your security program by identifying flaws. After, we’ll advise you on how to correct them and help to implement our recommendations.


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