Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion

Roman has modular operational response capability in crisis situations, including intelligence, negotiations and tactical recovery. This service is provided by high level former intelligence and special operations personnel. Roman also offers executive travel services that includes logistics, protection and extraction plans.

Conflict Zone Operations

This division is comprised of former intelligence operatives who work in tandem with former military special operations personnel. We operate in the extremes of combat, conflict and third world zones.

Anti-Corruption Investigations

Roman specializes in Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act, and anti-corruption investigations. Roman’s exceptional team of former special agents, attorneys, cyber and financial forensic experts operate nationally and internationally, uncovering facts and evidence supporting the defense of your clients.

Physical Penetration Testing

Is your facility sufficiently protected from external threats? Lead by former military and Special Forces professionals, let Roman test the physical security of your facility by having our superior team attempt an infiltration. Afterwards, we prepare a detailed brief on how and where you need to fortify your location security and defenses.

Drone Operations

During some critical and sensitive investigations it is necessary to supplement standard intelligence gathering techniques with superior technology. In cases where it is difficult or impossible to investigate a scene or an individual, Roman will use drones to gather intel where permitted by FAA rules and regulations.


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