Trial Preparation

Our trial preparation services include case pick up and review, subpoena services, trial assistance and monitoring. Our witness escort team speaks a multitude of languages and enjoys a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of immigrant witnesses. Most importantly, our executive supervision is provided by licensed attorneys.

Subpoena Services

Varying court rules at the county, state, and federal level make the preparation and filing of subpoenas a tedious and time consuming process. Our knowledge of these strict court rules allow us to effectively serve process anywhere in the world.

File Review & Prep Assessment

Let our expert attorneys and investigators review your case file and provide recommendations in regard to needed investigation. We can secure expert witnesses, provide witness escort, perform trial monitoring, and more.

Worldwide Witness Locate

Roman has a proven track record of locating witnesses quickly and efficiently anywhere in the world. We employ multiple resources useful for locating, interviewing and taking statements from insureds, claimants, and witnesses. In-house counsel will also perform expert and detailed vetting of those interviewed for liability purposes.

Expert Witness Testimony

Roman has a vast network of experts who can provide a wide range of technical and professional testimony in support of your case. Areas of expertise include, but are not limited to aviation, insurance, military, computer networking and software engineering, digital and accounting forensics, and compliance.


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