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9/11 Terror Threat Elevated

09.09.21 / by Inside Edition

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Analyst discusses U.S. government recommendation regarding "Go Bag".

AviationMass TransitRisk ManagementSecurity TerrorismTravel

Airline Inflight Engine Explosion Analysis

02.22.21 / by John Tabacco, Liquid Lunch, BizTV

Anthony Roman Provides Risk Assessment


What Factors Killed Kobe Bryant?

02.10.21 / by John Tabacco, Liquid Lunch, BizTV

Investigator & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Breaks Down The Causation Of The Accident Sequence


Caution: Presidential Vote Meddling

09.23.20 / by CBS News

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Deep Interference in American Elections by Nation States

Cyberattacks Technology

Has China Ramped-up Global Hacking?

07.23.20 / by James Osborne, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Reviews


Retailers Beef Up Security Against Looters

06.05.20 / by Lisa Fickenscher, New York Post

Anthony Roman Says It Is A Dangerous Approach

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

UNEDITED - Airline Travel Corona Risks

05.01.20 / by Anthony Roman

Anthony Roman Provides Unedited Take

Risk ManagementTravelEpidemics

Airline Travel Corona Risks

05.01.20 / by Chasing News, FOX

Anthony Roman Provides Risk Mitigation Suggestions

Risk ManagementTravelEpidemics

Facebook - Traps & Tips

04.15.20 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman Provides Sound Protection Advice

Security Technology

Would Terrain Awareness System Have Saved Kobe Bryant?

01.29.20 / by Univision News, Univision

Investigative Analyst & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Discusses "Spatial Disorientation" and "Terrain Awareness Systems."


What Killed Kobe Bryant?

01.28.20 / by Chasing News, FOX

Investigation Analyst & Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman Cites Possible Causes


Missile Likely Downed Ukraine Flight

01.09.20 / by Beyond 100 Days, BBC World News

Anthony Roman Says Poor Planning to Blame


Iran: Ukrainian Airliner Lost

01.08.20 / by Bulls & Bears, FOX News

Missiles or Accident? Anthony Roman Analyzes Events


Is Calhoun The Right Choice For A Boeing Recovery?

12.24.19 / by Squawk Box, CNBC

Anthony Roman Highlights Boeing's Missteps & Path to Recovery


Boeing Starliner Spacecraft Suffers Failure

12.23.19 / by FBN AM, FOX News

Anthony Roman Discusses Spacecraft Timing Failure & Boeing's Quality Control Problems


Boeing Halts 737 MAX Production

12.17.19 / by Katty Kay, BBC World News

Anthony Roman Analyzes


Boeing Congressional Grilling - 737 MAX

10.29.19 / by Making Money With Charles Payne, FOX Business Network

CEO Admits Missteps In Development. Anthony Roman Discusses.


Are Antique Military Airplanes Safe for Passengers?

10.04.19 / by Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman, Investigation Loss Analyst & Commercial Pilot Gives his Opinion


Historic Aircraft Crashes - Multiple Dead & Critically Injured

10.02.19 / by Daniel Arkin, Nbc News

Anthony Roman, Investigation Analyst, Describes the Losses & History


Anatomy of Airline Mechanic Sabotage

09.06.19 / by The Story with Martha McCallum , FOX News

​Were 150 passengers at risk? Risk Analyst Anthony Roman and Anchor Martha McCallum analyze the known information​.


35+ Injured -- Severe Turbulence, Air Canada

07.13.19 / by Chasing News, FOX

Anthony Roman Explains Airline Risks & Precautions


Boeing’s Low Cost Project Outsourcing

07.01.19 / by Making Money With Charles Payne, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Addresses Pros & Cons


NYC Chopper Pilot Became Disoriented

06.11.19 / by Chasing News, FOX

Anthony Roman Explains Why


NYC Hero Or Not?

06.10.19 / by Chasing News, FOX

Ill Fated Chopper Accident Evaluated By Anthony Roman


Deaths in the Dominican Republic

06.08.19 / by CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera, CNN

Should Travelers Beware? Anthony Roman Assesses Risks & Precautions

HospitalityInvestigationsRisk ManagementTravel

TSA Fails To Protect Energy Pipelines

05.10.19 / by James Osborne, Houston Chronicle

Software Patent Holder Anthony Roman Provides Overview Statement Summarizing An Ideal Pipeline Cyber Program

Security Technology

Did Boeing Fail To Alert Customers?

05.06.19 / by Cavuto: Coast To Coast, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Comments on Inoperative Safety System

AviationTechnology Travel

Could Ethiopian Air Flight Have Been Saved?

04.05.19 / by CBS Evening News

Take Off is the Most Critically Dangerous Time for MCAS malfunction, says Anthony Roman


Are Boeing's 5 Basic Improvements for 737 MAX Safe?

03.28.19 / by Cavuto: Coast to Coast, FOX Business Network

Anthony Roman Highlights All 5 & Comments Yay or Nay


Behind the Scenes - CNBC

03.28.19 / by CNBC

Behind the Scenes on Squawk Box


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