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An Epidemic of Precise Organized Retail Thefts

08.22.23 / by Shannon Thaler, New York Post

Investigator Anthony Roman Comments


Retailers Beef Up Security Against Looters

06.05.20 / by Lisa Fickenscher, New York Post

Anthony Roman Says It Is A Dangerous Approach

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

Another Mass Shooting...

11.08.18 / by Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC

Anthony Roman, Investigative Analyst, Describes Prevention Solutions

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Bomb Suspect Arrested

10.26.18 / by Tanya Beckett, BBC World News

Investigative Analyst Anthony Roman Says Suspect Has History of Bomb Threats


Bomber Will Be Caught Soon

10.26.18 / by FOX And Friends, FOX News

Anthony Roman, Investigative Analyst, believes treasure trove of evidence exists


Bombs & Forensic Evidence

10.24.18 / by Michael Biesecker and Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Manager Says A Treasure Trove of Evidence Remains Behind

CrimesInvestigationsSecurity Terrorism

Multiple Mail Bombs Found

10.24.18 / by Bart Jansen, USA Today

Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Forensic Investigative Steps & Mitigation

CrimesInvestigationsSecurity Terrorism

Suspect With Gun Breaks Into Hofstra Off-Campus Home

09.05.18 / CBS News

Investigator Anthony Roman explains what went wrong and how to be prepared.

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

Armed Home Invasion at Hofstra Off-Campus Student Residence

09.05.18 / ABC News

Risk Management Expert Anthony Roman describes how safety precautions were unacceptable.

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

Hofstra Student Held at Gunpoint at Off-Campus Home

09.05.18 / News 12

Anthony Roman provides preventive measures.

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

Protect Yourself from In-Flight Theft

05.24.18 / by Mark Ellwood, Conde Nast Traveler

Anthony Roman Explains Airborne Criminal Methodology

CrimesInvestigationsSecurity Travel

Vacationing Family of 4 Perishes in Mexico Condo

03.27.18 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Investigator & Risk Manager Anthony Roman Describes Vacation Safety Measures


Past View: Who Threatened the Gonzalez Families?

10.21.17 / by Anna North, The New York Times

Investigator Anthony Roman comments about a specific hate crime


Past View: When a SWAT Team Comes to Your House...

10.21.17 / by Anna North, The New York Times

Investigator & Security Expert Anthony Roman discusses a disturbing crime called "swatting"


KRACK Wi-Fi Attack: How Vulnerable Are You?

10.17.17 / by Carolyn Gusoff, CBS

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Walks You Through the Maze

CrimesCyberattacks Technology

Security May Have to Change After Vegas Shooting

10.03.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Security expert Anthony Roman says vacation venue security and self-education is key

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Were Warning Signs Missed in Vegas Shooting?

10.03.17 / by Megan Guza, Pittsburgh Tribune

Las Vegas shooting to change security priorities, experts say


Security Will Need to Change in Light of Las Vegas Tragedy

10.03.17 / by Herb Weisbaum, KOMO NewsRadio

Investigator & Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman discusses

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Trump Buildings Suffer Higher Terror Risk

12.14.16 / by Aaron Elstein, Crain's NY Business

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Risks, Solutions, Protection Measures & Costs

CrimesLaw Enforcement

Art Thieves Are Not That Smart

09.30.16 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Investigator Anthony Roman comments along with FBI Experts.


Is The Orlando Attack Similar to Paris?

06.15.16BBC Mundo

Spain's BBC Speaks to Anthony Roman. Translated to English.

CrimesSecurity Shootings

Will Gun Control Prevent Shootings?

06.15.16 / by Graham Rayman, NY Daily News

This Complex Question is Tackled by Anthony Roman.


Congressional Security Assessment

03.29.16 / by Ryan M. McDermott, The Washington Times

Anthony Roman Comments on Handling of Capitol Building Attack.

CrimesLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Hackers Threaten US Banks

01.16.16 / by Owen Boss & Chris Villani, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman & The Feds Warn Banking System Liquidity Is At Risk.


Stolen Picasso

12.04.15 / by Wilson Sayre, National Public Radio

It Is More Than An Economic Crime, Says Anthony Roman.


10 Killed In Oregon College Massacre

10.02.15 / by Steve Bittenbender, Government Security News

Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman says shooter likely sought "a target of opportunity."


How to Catch a Cop Killer

09.02.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

CNN Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman Reviews.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Manhunt for Three Suspected Cop Killers

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman provides insight into police search tactics.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Police Communication Possibly Compromised

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman discusses necessary discrete police communications.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement


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