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Disney to Randomly Inspect Occupied Hotel Rooms To Reduce Risk of Shooters


Investigator Anthony Roman Highlights the Risks, Benefits & Effectiveness of this New Procedure

HospitalityLaw EnforcementShootings

Historic NYPD Protection Measures for NYC Marathon

11.04.17 / by Mary Pilon, VICE

Risk Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Protection Methodology

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Can NYC Protect Against All Extremist Attacks?

11.01.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Counter Terror Analyst, Answers & Explains

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

NYPD Steps Up Security After Las Vegas Massacre

10.03.17 / by Tony Aiello, CBS News

Security analyst Anthony Roman pinpoints extra security precautions

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Fight With A Shoplifter

03.22.17Inside Edition

Is it Right or Wrong? Anthony Roman weighs in.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Too Few Deputies At Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

01.22.17 / by Michael Sallah and Kristyn Wellesley, USA TODAY

Analyst Anthony Roman Says Response Was Rapid & Brave, But Deputy Shortage Cost Lives.

AviationLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings Travel

Trump Buildings Suffer Higher Terror Risk

12.14.16 / by Aaron Elstein, Crain's NY Business

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Risks, Solutions, Protection Measures & Costs

CrimesLaw Enforcement

President-Elect's NYC Protection

11.12.16 / by Lisa Fickenscher, New York Post

NYC Trump Tower Presents Unique Security Challenges, Says Analyst Anthony Roman.

Law Enforcement

See Something, Say Something

06.30.16 / by Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times

Anthony Roman Describes Both the Downside & Upside.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Police Terror Drills Risks

04.12.16NBC4 New York

Anthony Roman Says There is a Risk to Civilians.

Law EnforcementShootings Terrorism

Congressional Security Assessment

03.29.16 / by Ryan M. McDermott, The Washington Times

Anthony Roman Comments on Handling of Capitol Building Attack.

CrimesLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings

LA School Bomb Hoax

12.16.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Did LA "Overreact"? Anthony Roman Outlines Decision Making & Consequences.

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Terrorism - Are We Prepared?

12.04.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Investigation & Counter Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides Insight.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings Terrorism

Police Shoot Suspect Wielding a Knife

09.02.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman explains why a police officer would use lethal force against an armed suspect.

Law EnforcementSecurity

How to Catch a Cop Killer

09.02.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

CNN Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman Reviews.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Manhunt for Three Suspected Cop Killers

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman provides insight into police search tactics.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Police Communication Possibly Compromised

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman discusses necessary discrete police communications.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Police Office Killed, Manhunt Underway

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman describes the bravery of slain officer.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Search Continues for Suspects of Slain Officer

09.01.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman details police search methods for armed and dangerous suspects.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Residents on Alert for Multiple Dangerous Suspects

09.01.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman describes the community's vital role during a dangerous manhunt.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

New Bodycam Videos of Sam Dubose Shooting

07.30.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Former Human Rights Commissioner Anthony Roman joins Thomas Roberts for analysis.

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings

Federal Personnel Info Stolen

06.05.15 / by O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald

Investigator & software designer Anthony Roman explains the enormous damage the hackers have done to the United States and Gov. employees.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

Chinese Hackers Steal 4M Federal Personnel Records

06.05.15 / by Patricia L. Harman, PropertyCasualty360

Anthony Roman explains the "zero day" hack attack against the United States.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

The Daunting Challenge of Homeland Security - No Vacancy

01.06.14 / by Timothy W. Coleman, Homeland Security Today

Anthony Roman Comments: Security has the potential, by all metrics, to reduce enterprise expenses, become a profit center and to be a guardian of the corporate brand.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Lots of Tips in Latest FBI Gardner Push

03.20.13 / by Matt Stout, Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald

Suddenly the FBI is rattling everybody's cage by going public - and going public in a very strong, dramatic way," said Anthony Roman. "They're putting tremendous pressure on the smuggling rings and owners and organized crime networks involved."

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Wall Street Journal Radio: Gun Control Legislation

01.17.13 / by Michael Castner

Anthony Roman consults with host Michael Castner on President Obama's gun control legislation.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Wall Street Journal: Police Dilemma Over Gun Rules

08.27.12 / by Tamer El-Ghobashy, Chad Bray and Steve Eder, The Wall Street Journal

Anthony Roman explains, "When the police arrive and the shooter faces them and raises a gun, they have every right to attempt to stop the shooter,"

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

A Cold Chain of Consequence: The Trayvon Martin Killing

07.11.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

"Be careful, kid. A gun can take you places that you don't want to go."

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings

Murdoch empire rocked by scandal

07.18.11 / by Matthew Flamm, Crain's New York Business

If the FBI is interested, the Securities and Exchange Commission is going to be interested, said Anthony Roman, CEO of investigation firm Roman & Associates with regards to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

CrimesLaw Enforcement

Joy, caution mix in Bin Laden's wake

05.02.11 / by Theresa Agovino and Lisa Fickenscher, Crain's NY

Meanwhile, hotels that tend to attract high-level dignitaries, such as the Waldorf-Astoria and the St. Regis are getting extra protection from the New York Police Department, according to Anthony Roman, chief executive of Roman & Associates, a security consulting and global investigation firm.

Law EnforcementTerrorism

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