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Civilian Rangers Patrol Airport

01.07.19 / by Andrea Leinfelder, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman Cites Precedents for Program’s effectiveness

AviationLaw EnforcementSecurity Travel

Disney to Randomly Inspect Occupied Hotel Rooms To Reduce Risk of Shooters


Investigator Anthony Roman Highlights the Risks, Benefits & Effectiveness of this New Procedure

HospitalityLaw EnforcementShootings

Historic NYPD Protection Measures for NYC Marathon

11.04.17 / by Mary Pilon, VICE

Risk Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Protection Methodology

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Can NYC Protect Against All Extremist Attacks?

11.01.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Counter Terror Analyst, Answers & Explains

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

NYPD Steps Up Security After Las Vegas Massacre

10.03.17 / by Tony Aiello, CBS News

Security analyst Anthony Roman pinpoints extra security precautions

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Fight With A Shoplifter

03.22.17Inside Edition

Is it Right or Wrong? Anthony Roman weighs in.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Too Few Deputies At Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting

01.22.17 / by Michael Sallah and Kristyn Wellesley, USA TODAY

Analyst Anthony Roman Says Response Was Rapid & Brave, But Deputy Shortage Cost Lives.

AviationLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings Travel

Trump Buildings Suffer Higher Terror Risk

12.14.16 / by Aaron Elstein, Crain's NY Business

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Risks, Solutions, Protection Measures & Costs

CrimesLaw Enforcement

President-Elect's NYC Protection

11.12.16 / by Lisa Fickenscher, New York Post

NYC Trump Tower Presents Unique Security Challenges, Says Analyst Anthony Roman.

Law Enforcement

See Something, Say Something

06.30.16 / by Richard Perez-Pena, The New York Times

Anthony Roman Describes Both the Downside & Upside.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Police Terror Drills Risks

04.12.16NBC4 New York

Anthony Roman Says There is a Risk to Civilians.

Law EnforcementShootings Terrorism

Congressional Security Assessment

03.29.16 / by Ryan M. McDermott, The Washington Times

Anthony Roman Comments on Handling of Capitol Building Attack.

CrimesLaw EnforcementSecurity Shootings

LA School Bomb Hoax

12.16.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Did LA "Overreact"? Anthony Roman Outlines Decision Making & Consequences.

Law EnforcementSecurity Terrorism

Terrorism - Are We Prepared?

12.04.15 / by Corky Siemaszko, NBC News

Investigation & Counter Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides Insight.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings Terrorism

Police Shoot Suspect Wielding a Knife

09.02.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman explains why a police officer would use lethal force against an armed suspect.

Law EnforcementSecurity

How to Catch a Cop Killer

09.02.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

CNN Investigation Analyst Anthony Roman Reviews.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Manhunt for Three Suspected Cop Killers

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman provides insight into police search tactics.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Police Communication Possibly Compromised

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman discusses necessary discrete police communications.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Police Office Killed, Manhunt Underway

09.01.15 / by Brooke Baldwin, CNN

Anthony Roman describes the bravery of slain officer.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Search Continues for Suspects of Slain Officer

09.01.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman details police search methods for armed and dangerous suspects.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Residents on Alert for Multiple Dangerous Suspects

09.01.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman describes the community's vital role during a dangerous manhunt.

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

New Bodycam Videos of Sam Dubose Shooting

07.30.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Former Human Rights Commissioner Anthony Roman joins Thomas Roberts for analysis.

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings

Federal Personnel Info Stolen

06.05.15 / by O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald

Investigator & software designer Anthony Roman explains the enormous damage the hackers have done to the United States and Gov. employees.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

Chinese Hackers Steal 4M Federal Personnel Records

06.05.15 / by Patricia L. Harman, PropertyCasualty360

Anthony Roman explains the "zero day" hack attack against the United States.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

The Daunting Challenge of Homeland Security - No Vacancy

01.06.14 / by Timothy W. Coleman, Homeland Security Today

Anthony Roman Comments: Security has the potential, by all metrics, to reduce enterprise expenses, become a profit center and to be a guardian of the corporate brand.

Law EnforcementSecurity

Lots of Tips in Latest FBI Gardner Push

03.20.13 / by Matt Stout, Laurel J. Sweet, Boston Herald

Suddenly the FBI is rattling everybody's cage by going public - and going public in a very strong, dramatic way," said Anthony Roman. "They're putting tremendous pressure on the smuggling rings and owners and organized crime networks involved."

CrimesInvestigationsLaw Enforcement

Wall Street Journal Radio: Gun Control Legislation

01.17.13 / by Michael Castner

Anthony Roman consults with host Michael Castner on President Obama's gun control legislation.

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

Wall Street Journal: Police Dilemma Over Gun Rules

08.27.12 / by Tamer El-Ghobashy, Chad Bray and Steve Eder, The Wall Street Journal

Anthony Roman explains, "When the police arrive and the shooter faces them and raises a gun, they have every right to attempt to stop the shooter,"

Law EnforcementSecurity Shootings

A Cold Chain of Consequence: The Trayvon Martin Killing

07.11.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

"Be careful, kid. A gun can take you places that you don't want to go."

InvestigationsLaw EnforcementShootings

Murdoch empire rocked by scandal

07.18.11 / by Matthew Flamm, Crain's New York Business

If the FBI is interested, the Securities and Exchange Commission is going to be interested, said Anthony Roman, CEO of investigation firm Roman & Associates with regards to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

CrimesLaw Enforcement


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