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Caution: Presidential Vote Meddling

09.23.20 / by CBS News

Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Deep Interference in American Elections by Nation States

Cyberattacks Technology

Has China Ramped-up Global Hacking?

07.23.20 / by James Osborne, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Reviews


KRACK Wi-Fi Attack: How Vulnerable Are You?

10.17.17 / by Carolyn Gusoff, CBS

Anthony Roman, Software Patent Holder & Investigator, Walks You Through the Maze

CrimesCyberattacks Technology

Russians Hack Colin Powell's Email?

09.15.16Boston Herald

Will His Comments Affect The Election? Anthony Roman Comments.

Cyberattacks Security

Hackers Threaten US Banks

01.16.16 / by Owen Boss & Chris Villani, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman & The Feds Warn Banking System Liquidity Is At Risk.


Boston Government Cyber Attack

12.16.15 / by Brian Dowling, Boston Herald

Cyber Policies of Many Cities are Lagging says Anthony Roman.

Cyberattacks Security

Apple Malware Attack

10.06.15 / by Closing Bell, CNBC

Anthony Roman explains how it happened and how you can thwart it.


Federal Personnel Info Stolen

06.05.15 / by O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald

Investigator & software designer Anthony Roman explains the enormous damage the hackers have done to the United States and Gov. employees.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

Chinese Hackers Steal 4M Federal Personnel Records

06.05.15 / by Patricia L. Harman, PropertyCasualty360

Anthony Roman explains the "zero day" hack attack against the United States.

Cyberattacks Law EnforcementSecurity

IRS Database Hack "Unacceptable"

05.27.15 / by O'Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman believes U.S. is "behind the curve" on digital security.


Airliner Cyber Sabotage Possible?

03.08.15 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anchors Toure, Krystal Ball, & Anthony Roman reveal surprising answers!

AviationCyberattacks InvestigationsSecurity

A New Kind of War - CyberWar!

12.26.14 / by PoliticsNation With Rev. Al Sharpton, MSNBC

Medal of Honor Winner Col. Jack Jacobs & Anthony Roman Discuss the elements of cyberwar.


FBI Probes Hack of Sony Pictures

12.02.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman comments on how the incident "doesn't fit the profile of a government attack."

Cyberattacks Technology

MIT Gets $15M to Thwart Cyberthreats

11.19.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman discusses an initiative by MIT to deal with the growing number of cyber attacks.

Cyberattacks Technology

Hack Attack Home Depot - 53 Million Records Stolen

11.07.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman explains how the hackers could steal your identity.


Hack at JPMorgan Chase hits 76M

10.03.14 / by Chris Cassidy, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman reports how hackers gained access to records affecting 76 million homes and 7 million businesses.

Cyberattacks Security

Hackers Hit Shaw's, Star Market Chains

08.18.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman provides advice on simple, yet effective methods to protect your business and home computers.

Cyberattacks Security

Billion Stolen Usernames Just Tip of Crime Iceberg

08.07.14 / by Marie Szaniszlo, Boston Herald

Russian hackers may have government ties. Anthony Roman, Gus Coldebella, partner Goodwin Proctor & former general counsel Dept. of Homeland Security, and Alex Holden offer insight into this record cyber theft.

Cyberattacks Security Terrorism

Russian Cyber Gang Steals Record 1.2 Billion Logon Credentials

08.06.14 / by Ronan Farrow Daily, MSNBC

Anthony Roman explains why we are all at risk.

Cyberattacks Security Terrorism

How To Better Protect Your Guests Data

02.15.14 / by Jason Q. Freed, Hotel News Now

Anthony Roman Cautions... (the) U.S. Federal Trade Commission is going to show a greater inclination to pursue franchisors when there are data security violations.

Cyberattacks Security

NBC: Bank Security Deficiencies and Increased Cyber Crime

02.07.14NBC, News 4 New York

Bank robberies are declining dramatically, replaced by cyber crime, says Anthony Roman.

Cyberattacks Security

Sources: Data Breach Shows Industry Liability

02.06.14 / by John Buchanan, Hotel News Now

Anthony Roman warns that mixed model enterprises are vulnerable to hacking.

Cyberattacks Security

Cyber Attack - 40 Million Credit Card Customers Compromised

12.19.13 / by Chad Hartman, CBS

Anthony Roman analyzes Cyber Attack involving 40 million customer credit card files at Target.

Cyberattacks Security

CNBC: Western Express Cyber Criminal Ring

09.12.13 / by Andrea Day, CNBC Power Lunch

Anthony Roman consults with Andrea Day on CNBC's "Power Lunch" segment, "Crime and Punishment", regarding the Western Express cyber criminal ring.

Cyberattacks Investigations

Data Security Begins With the Traveler

09.03.13 / by Joe Sharkey, New York Times

Mr. Roman, president of Roman & Associates, which specializes in investigations and risk management consulting explains that isolated unauthorized charges on your credit card statement most likely indicate that sophisticated cybercriminals are waiting to see if you will notice.

CrimesCyberattacks Security Travel

Top 10 Obstacles in Fraud Prevention

04.27.12 / by Anthony Roman, Property Casualty 360

Anthony Roman, head of global security and risk-management firm Roman & Associates, outlines 10 key obstacles that require careful consideration...

CrimesCyberattacks Investigations

PCI Compliance: A Best Defense Against Hackers

05.19.10 / by Patrick Mayock,

Data security has quickly become an important and complex issue in day-to-day life. In the full story Anthony C. Roman, Private Investigator in NYC and head of Roman and Associates, catches you up on what you can do for your companies safety.

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