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9/11 Terror Threat Elevated

09.09.21 / by Inside Edition

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Analyst discusses U.S. government recommendation regarding "Go Bag".

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Bombs & Forensic Evidence

10.24.18 / by Michael Biesecker and Lisa Marie Pane, Associated Press

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Manager Says A Treasure Trove of Evidence Remains Behind

CrimesInvestigationsSecurity Terrorism

Multiple Mail Bombs Found

10.24.18 / by Bart Jansen, USA Today

Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Forensic Investigative Steps & Mitigation

CrimesInvestigationsSecurity Terrorism

Christmas Target of NYC Subway Bomber

12.12.17 / by Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

Counter-Terror Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman explains how authorities have been effective at preventing major attacks.

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New York Subway Attack Shows Limits of Counterterror Strategy

12.12.17 / by Joseph Ax, Reuters

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Counter-Terror Analyst, Outlines NYC Terror Protection Strategy

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How New York Guards Against Terror On Its Subway

12.12.17 / by Nick Robins-Early, HuffPost

Anthony Roman Ranks NYPD Counterterrorism Efforts

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Experts Say Some Vulnerabilities in Transit Security Impossible to Avoid

12.11.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Counter-Terror Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Anatomy of the NYC Subway Bombing

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Historic NYPD Protection Measures for NYC Marathon

11.04.17 / by Mary Pilon, VICE

Risk Analyst & Investigator Anthony Roman Describes Protection Methodology

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Can NYC Protect Against All Extremist Attacks?

11.01.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Counter Terror Analyst, Answers & Explains

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Airports & Bomb Sniffing Dogs

09.21.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Investigator Anthony Roman Says More Bomb Sniffing Dogs Are Needed

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Is US Mass Transit as Vulnerable as London Trains?

09.15.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Says NYPD Sets the Global Safety Standard

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Next Stop: Airport Facial Recognition Tech

06.30.17 / by Andrea Rumbaugh, Houston Chronicle

Anthony Roman says this layer of security adds an important safety element

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Travelers to UK Will Face Heightened Security Following Attack

05.25.17 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Investigator Anthony Roman Recommends How To Protect Yourself


Manchester Bombing Demonstrates Difficulty Defending Large Events

05.23.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman Reviews Good & Bad Counter-Terror Tactics

Security Terrorism

Arenas Are an Attractive Terror Target

05.23.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Explains Security Deficiencies

Security Terrorism

Russian Bombing Security May Have Been Lax

04.04.17 / by Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman Provides an Early Analysis

Security Terrorism

Train Blast Kills 10, Wounds 50

04.03.17 / by John Bacon and Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Risk Analyst Anthony Roman Says Early Photos Reflect an Explosion from Within The Passenger Compartment of the Train.

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Russian Train Bombing - Can it Happen in US?

04.03.17 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Counter-Terror Analyst Anthony Roman says yes; but it is more difficult.

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London Attack Analysis

03.23.17 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

"We cannot become so numb to these attacks that our guard begins to slip, that our sense of awareness starts to fail." Roman said.

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Holiday Terror Threats on the Rise?

12.19.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, ABC

Investigator Anthony Roman Says Yes.

Security Terrorism

Terror Threat Is Evolving

11.29.16 / by Stephen Loiaconi, FOX

Analyst Anthony Roman Says We Are Much Better Prepared.


Emirates Crash Landing - Accident?

08.04.16 / by Katty Kay, BBC World News

Anthony Roman Highlights Missing Information.


Emirates Boeing 777 Crashes & Burns

08.03.16 / by Stephanie Ruhle, MSNBC

Accident Analysis by Commercial Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman.


Bangladesh: ISIS Inspired Restaurant Killing?

07.02.16 / by Bob McGovern, Boston Herald

Anthony Roman Says It's a Similar Signature.

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Terror Scare JFK Airport

06.30.16 / by Megan Alexander, Inside Edition

Analyst Anthony Roman Witnesses & Films Chaotic Evacuation.

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Istanbul Style Attack in Store for US?

06.29.16 / by Sally Kidd, NBC News

Anthony Roman Describes Better Counter-Terror Measures.


Turkey Faces Unique Terror Problems

06.29.16 / by Newsday, BBC World

Does the US? Anthony Roman Discusses the Problems.

Security Terrorism

Istanbul Airport Terror

06.28.16 / by Chris Matthews, MSNBC

Analyst Anthony Roman joins panel of experts.


EgyptAir - Analysis of Cockpit Voice Recorder

06.16.16 / by Maggie Michael, AP

Anthony Roman Explains the Significance of Finding the CVR.


EgyptAir Debris & Remains Found

05.20.16 / by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY

Was it Terror? Anthony Roman Sheds Light on the Question.



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