It’s all about ensuring that you have the all the documents, evidence, and witnesses you need to present your best possible case.

Roman's success is based on our comprehensive pre-litigation investigative service, which helps to obtain relevant information and witnesses for the case. We offer a comprehensive range of legal support services to assist in your complex case load.

Case Review Is Just The Beginning

Primarily, we can review your case file and then provide specific recommendations in regard to needed investigation, locating witnesses, securing records, serving subpoenas, securing expert witnesses, providing witness escort, trial monitoring, etc. We can then assist you further by providing any such recommended services to support your case.

It’s all about ensuring that you have all the documents, evidence, and witnesses you need to present your best possible case. And make no mistake: as your investigative legal partner, we will do our utmost to make that happen. 

In-house Counsel

Roman has in-house counsel, who provide us with all applicable laws and regulations to help minimize risk, limit liability and avoid penalties associated with regulatory compliance violations. Our experienced attorneys will ensure proper protocol and investigative methods are employed.

Complete Trial Preparation

Our trial preparation services includes, case pick up and review, subpoena services, trial assistance and monitoring. Our witness escort team speaks a multitude of languages and enjoys a deep understanding of the cultural nuances of immigrant witnesses. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, including holidays.


Background Analysis

Our analysts have experience with due diligence, asset checks, and criminal or civil history investigations.


Expert Witnesses

Roman has a vast network of experts who can provide a  technical and professional testimony in support of your case.


Foreign Languages

We offer translation and interpretation services for trials, negotiations, and other legal matters in a multitude of languages.


Medical History

Roman is capable of handling any type of prior injury and activity research using the latest technology, techniques and research.


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