The Real Cost of Insurance Fraud

06.02.21 / by Cassandra Denning & Kimberly Roman

Insurance fraud is stealing, bottom line. It increases the price of every item we purchase from groceries to motor vehicles.


SafeNet: A Secure Method to Conduct Investigations

02.15.21 / by Kimberly Roman

With the pandemic still raging through many parts of this country, we created the SafeNet program to implement distance while still securing all necessary evidence. This is an alternative resource that can enhance our investigators’ safety as well as the individuals we investigate.

How 2020 Became the Deadliest Year for Mass Shootings Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

02.01.21 / by Cassandra Denning and Kimberly Roman

The pain and misery involving the pandemic in 2020 was not only affecting our health; but, may have escalated the progression of gun violence that generated the most mass shootings and gun fatalities in our nation’s history.


It’s Time for Surveillance - Black Friday Season

11.16.20 / by Roman & Associates

Now is the time to determine if certain claimants are unusually active with shopping. Roman’s surveillance team will determine if the claimant accomplishes movements that they have stated they cannot perform.

Crime Rings? Do you see a Pattern?

10.15.20 / by Kim Roman

Everyday there may be a problematic workers’ compensation claim that lands on a desk. Weeding out the suspects to investigate can be a challenge, but even more thought-provoking – Can any of these cases be connected?

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

09.21.20 / by Kim Roman

With the United States reopening schools and businesses comes the probability that more Americans will be confronted with COVID-19. Throughout this pandemic we have been told to wash our hands and wear a mask but what if you have been exposed to someone with the illness?

Lost? A New App May Help Find You


A startup IT company, What3words, created tech that can now tell emergency responders exactly were you are; even if you don’t know yourself. Los Angeles, Arizona, United Kingdom, Canada and Japan have all incorporated this technology into their emergency responder programs.

Your Guide To Phased Re-Opening In New York State

06.26.20 / by Kim Roman

Many regions in New York State are re-opening for Phase III after being the epicenter of COVID-19. Governor Cuomo has required guidelines to help the 10 New York regions stay safe. Please note that New York City is currently in Phase II.

AI May Hault a Second Wave of the Pandemic

06.17.20 / by Kim Roman

AI to be used to assist in monitoring social distancing and the use of masks.

How to protect your company from COVID-19 scams

06.02.20 / by Kim Roman

We have all seen the headlines in the news, scammers asking for financial help or hospitals receiving non-functional health equipment. If we have seen this information, so have con artists. Unfortunately, this is what the Department of Justice calls a COVID-19 scam. Roman would like to caution companies about fraud committed via email.

Roman can Help with a Risk mitigation Plan as Workplaces open for Business


Risk assessment and mitigation plans assist in work places opening for business.

Arson, could it be costing your Company Thousands of Dollars?


“How to set Fire” Internet queries have spiked 125% compared to last year, according to data compiled by Google. These are signals that insurance fraud arson may be on the rise. The impact of Covid-19 restrictions is causing many that ordinarily would not look for illegal ways to find money.

Lets Work Together To Keep Businesses from Failing

05.11.20 / by Kim Podlinski

Now more than ever, businesses need each other. Keeping our companies afloat depends on us. We cannot let the pandemic collapse our industry.

Covid-19 Virus creates new litigation

05.07.20 / by Andrew Acquaviva

The Covid-19 pandemic is expected to have a significant number of litigations arising from the pandemic. Litigations will involve how both businesses and governments handled the crisis. The rulings the courts make could drastically alter the landscape of further litigations and significantly affect the insurance industry, premiums for businesses, and how businesses and governments handle a crisis like this in the future.

National Nurse Day


Roman & Associates wanted to thank all of the nurses during National Nurse Day as well as all of our Front Line Health Care Workers.

Rising Unemployment Associated with Increased Workers’ Compensation Claims

04.28.20 / by Investigative Analyst Eric Goldfond

Roman & Associates is working to identify fraudulent Worker's Compensation Claims during this time of rising unemployment and uncertainty from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Crisis Investigators Helping To Manage Your Claims


As the COVID-19 virus surges across the United States, so does fraud due to those looking to take advantage of a crisis situation.

Roman Investigations Continue as Marinas, Golf Courses and Beaches Now Open


Throughout the tri-state area marinas and golf courses may now open for personal use and Florida has unlocked the beaches. This is significant news if you would like to detect an outdoorsman in action.


Disaster Readiness Program


Even with a pandemic systematically crushing the national and international economy, Roman is still thriving and managing investigations. We have prepared for any type of risk using our Disaster Readiness Program.


When Disaster Strikes, Will You Have a Plan?


​There's no time to create a good plan after an emergency strikes. Fires, floods, explosions, and pandemics like the current COVID-19 virus don't send advanced notice, and some situations can escalate in seconds.


The Risk of Doing Business in Combat Zones


It's important for businesses to have plans in place for how to deal with the risks inherent in working in combat zones. Here are a few of the situations that companies are likely to encounter in a conflict area.


What Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Actually Prohibit?


The FCPA is intended to keep U.S. corporations and citizens from bribing overseas officials in order to further their business interest, but what does the FCPA actually prohibit?


Physical Security Checklist for Business Facilities


With all of the emphasis placed on cybersecurity, it can be easy to neglect physical security. Here are eight things all businesses should have in order to properly secure their facilities.


AI’s Expanding Role in Fraud Detection


Artificial intelligence can sort through massive amounts of information in a relatively brief period of time, making it much more efficient at detecting inconsistencies.


Tips for Maintaining Business Continuity After A Disaster


Natural disasters are unavoidable. Fortunately, there are a number of things that business owners and managers can do to help keep things up and running, even in the aftermath of a disaster.


The Difference Between The Dark Web and The Deep Web


When you do visit your favorite websites, you're only scratching the surface of what's out there. The rest is the Dark Web or the Deep Web.


Protect Your Identity Online by Taking These Important Steps

11.07.19 / by Roman

Here are what Roman’s skilled engineers want you to know to help keep your identity safe.


How Businesses Can Avoid Potential Disaster Fraud

11.04.19 / by Roman

If your business has recently experienced a disaster, the last thing you want to have to think about is whether or not someone is going to use that to take advantage of you.



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