Roman Investigations Continue as Marinas, Golf Courses and Beaches Now Open

Throughout the tri-state area marinas and golf courses may now open for personal use and Florida has unlocked the beaches. This is significant news if you would like to detect an outdoorsman in action.


Roman’s analysts can research and determine if someone has a boating and/or fishing license and more. This department can also examine all social media platforms for evidence of outside undertakings. This may help decide whether surveillance is needed.


Our surveillance department can currently monitor and discover if there is any movement such as fishing, boating and/or beach activity. Unmanned surveillance is possible for these outdoor activities. At the moment, we are conducting investigations for outdoor recreation.

Roman’s Policy:

Roman is able to assist with any type of investigation regarding the new regulations for outside movement. Roman remains reliable and operational. The company continues to follow all of the CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of our investigators and those we observe.

Guidelines for Outdoor Activity:

Remember, all golfers must carry their own clubs. Boaters must only have immediate family on board. The enforcement of strict social distancing between others remains in effect.

Why Restrictive Policies Loosened:

Please note: that golfers and boaters were leaving the state to find open golf courses and marinas in other locations and then returning home. Boating and golf on Long Island generate $5 billion a year in the local economy.[1]