SafeNet: A Secure Method to Conduct Investigations


SafeNet: A Secure Method to Conduct Investigations

With the pandemic still raging through many parts of this country, we created the SafeNet program to implement distance while still securing all necessary evidence. This is an alternative resource that can enhance our investigators’ safety as well as the individuals we investigate.

This virtual type of investigation is no less effective than a classic investigation and may be more cost effective. We are able to conduct many types of Investigations through this new approach.

What About Cost Effectiveness?

Whether it is a distant location or a destination with a lot of traffic and limited parking, the travel fee remains the same with the SafeNet program-- zero. On this platform all investigations can be conducted without the extra add-ons of travel time.

The investigation also becomes more streamlined, more efficient with faster results, which means costing less dollars.

Can We Conduct Interviews?

Even without making a trip to the location, we are able to conduct an interview face-to-face. We can see the person’s movements, gestures and voice inflection as we would in a classic investigation. We can record the interview while it is being conducted so that the person is making the statement as they would if they were to testify in-person.

We can capture all of the necessary photographs while the interviewee can provide us immediately with signed documents or other evidence.

All information obtained is secure and private.

What About Site Investigations?

Site Investigations can also be done through our 360-degree cameras. We are able to go to a site where an accident has just occurred or a location where there is property damage and distantly review the incident.

All photography angles are taken of the incident so that you can review a site, structure or motor vehicle in real time. The advantage of conducting site investigations with this lens is you can walk through a site as if you are there yourself.

How Do You Conduct Surveillance Distantly?

If warranted, our surveillance team utilizes unmanned surveillance cameras to investigate a person. This type of surveillance is best for when the claimant stays within the vicinity of their property or business and does not travel far. The cameras attract less attention from the community as well as the person being investigated as well.

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This system is to protect not only those who work for us or who we investigate but the first responders who must take care of us during this time. It leads to less COVID-19 infection spread, allowing medical workers and hospitals to work on other patients.