Multiline Claims Investigations

Our investigators undergo demanding training — performed by attorneys — which enhances their familiarization with policy coverages, exclusions and endorsements. As a result, they have greater proficiency identifying and collecting information and evidence, which can mitigate damages and lead to more favorable settlements.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud costs the insurance industry upwards of $150 billion each year. We know how to prevent it, detect it, and help prosecute it. Roman is staffed with the best and brightest professionals from diverse investigation and law enforcement agencies, and has an unsurpassed track record of success in civil and insurance fraud cases.

Defense Base Act Investigations

The technical backgrounds and experience of our staff is unparalleled. Former Intelligence and Special Forces level operators provides us with an advantage while navigating the close-knit contractor and military communities. We also have assets across the globe that are trained and vetted to conduct D.B.A. investigations.

Origin & Cause Investigations

Roman’s investigators are certified through the National Association of Fire Investigators. Licensed in every state, we can go anywhere a fire or explosion has occurred to uncover the facts through careful and thorough analysis. We will review all evidence provided and use the “Scientific Method” to determine the cause.


Roman’s surveillance team collects admissible evidence, using technology such as thermal imaging and night scopes to obtain day and evening covert and undercover video footage. Undercover operations are vetted by in-house counsel to ensure legal compliance, as regulation and law vary from state to state.

Background Investigations

Roman’s analysts have extensive experience with due diligence, asset checks, criminal or civil history investigations and Social Media investigations. Our international capabilities are extensive and confidential. Many of the analysts have Master’s degrees in related investigative disciplines.

Security Risk Assessments

Roman is highly skilled in investigating and evaluating computer networks as well as physical locations for vulnerability to outside threats. Once assessment is complete, a final risk avoidance brief is provided. The program is geared toward mitigating risks for insurable interests in both the private and public sectors.

Deep Vetting

We have the ability to provide deep vetting of foreign national claimants, as well as for any individual where standard background checks are not thorough enough. Our team of in-house analysts use state-of-the-art software based and intelligence capabilities that are extensive and confidential, while maintaining legal compliance.

Due Diligence

Our expert teams perform investigations of potential business transactions, individuals and corporations to obtain all material facts necessary to make an informed decision before entering into an agreement with a third party.

Property Damage Assessments

If a man made or natural catastrophe occurs anywhere in the world, Roman’s licensed property adjusters are on call 24/7 to respond and appraise the damage. We can also use drones to provide you with a 360 degree aerial perspective of the site in wide-ranging detail.

Virtual Site Investigations

When it is impossible or unsafe to witness an accident or damage site in-person, Roman can provide you with an immersive site inspection using imagery from our 360˚camera. The result is a virtual walk-through of the site that allows you to navigate around the scene as if you were really there. View a 360° Demo


Roman's investigation team includes former military and aviation industry professionals. We perform any and all aviation casualty, adjusting, and salvage investigations. Anthony Roman, the company's president, a former professional pilot and flight instructor, is an aviation analyst for CNN, BBC, and other media outlets.


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