The Real Cost of Insurance Fraud

06.02.21 / by Cassandra Denning & Kimberly Roman

Insurance fraud is stealing, bottom line. It increases the price of every item we purchase from groceries to motor vehicles.


Roman Investigations Continue as Marinas, Golf Courses and Beaches Now Open


Throughout the tri-state area marinas and golf courses may now open for personal use and Florida has unlocked the beaches. This is significant news if you would like to detect an outdoorsman in action.


What Does the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Actually Prohibit?


The FCPA is intended to keep U.S. corporations and citizens from bribing overseas officials in order to further their business interest, but what does the FCPA actually prohibit?


AI’s Expanding Role in Fraud Detection


Artificial intelligence can sort through massive amounts of information in a relatively brief period of time, making it much more efficient at detecting inconsistencies.


Protect Your Identity Online by Taking These Important Steps

11.07.19 / by Roman

Here are what Roman’s skilled engineers want you to know to help keep your identity safe.


How Businesses Can Avoid Potential Disaster Fraud

11.04.19 / by Roman

If your business has recently experienced a disaster, the last thing you want to have to think about is whether or not someone is going to use that to take advantage of you.



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