AI May Hault a Second Wave of the Pandemic

Artifical Intelligence

Now that lockdowns are starting to lift in several areas of the country, many business owners are looking to AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help keep social distancing between employees “a thing.”

The NICE Alliance (a group of several camera manufacturers working together to create an operating system where cameras from multiple brands can talk to each other) has developed a system to work with a company’s current cameras, which would require just a router instead of replacing every camera.

The goal of this technology is to create widespread compliance of wearing a mask and adhering to the 6ft distance rule, even in small businesses.

Thermal cameras can also be connected to this system to register if someone in the area has a fever.

According to NICE if an area is overcrowded or an individual is not wearing a mask this technology can send an alert to the business owner or trigger a warning light.

Personal information of noncompliance is encrypted to protect privacy.

Last week, Airspace Systems, a California startup company, created new software for monitoring social distancing and wearing a facemask from the air.

This software can identify when people are standing in clusters and if they are compliant with wearing a mask.

Airspace would like to sell their systems to cities and police departments. They state that the technology does not use facial recognition and does not save images of people. It produces text-based alerts on the percentage of people in an area and the percentage of people wearing masks.

Amazon Inc., is currently pairing their cameras with AI in their offices and wharehouses to enforce social distancing. This system is providing employees with real-time feedback on whether they are complying with the distancing rule.

And Amazon isn’t the only company to use this new technology.

Now more than ever, to mitigate illness related to the pandemic, there has become an increasing interest in this type of technology in work and public spaces.

General Motors has been exploring the use of this type of technology to buzz workers who are violating the safe distance rule.

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