It’s Time for Surveillance - Black Friday Season

Surveillance Black Friday Season

It’s Black Friday Season

Due to this pandemic, Black Friday is no longer. In its place, is a variety of Black Friday deals staggered throughout the months of November and December.

Now is the time to determine if certain claimants are unusually active with shopping. Roman’s surveillance team will determine if the claimant accomplishes movements that they have stated they cannot perform.

When it comes to bargain hunting, all activities can be observed, walking without a limp, running while pushing a shopping cart and more.

In previous Black Friday investigations, Roman has uncovered claimants bending below their waist, lifting heavy objects, pushing carts filled with heavy items, rotating their core back and forth as they place purchases in their car.

Roman has also observed individuals who claim they cannot drive, operating motor vehicles from store-to-store, looking for the cheapest prices.

So, who is active and who is not this season?;

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