Lets Work Together To Keep Businesses from Failing

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Now more than ever, businesses need each other. Keeping our companies afloat depends on us. We cannot let the pandemic collapse our industry.

Roman & Associates is currently fully operational while adhering to the safety guidelines from the CDC. We are working hard to make sure that everyone is protected when in our employment.

We appreciate every firm that has put in place innovative safety measures to keep businesses running. All of us need to adapt to the new normal.

We are now sharing an unprecedented time in history and the outcome depends on us.

Together, we can do this.

So what can Roman do for you?

We are taking cases 24- hours a day, seven days a week. We can conduct surveillance either with a sole occupant in a vehicle or an unmanned surveillance if that is a preference. We are continuing to conduct statements using every advanced technological asset. We are performing background searches and trial preparations. We are able to continue with Defense Base Act Investigations as well. We can do property losses and more.

Just look at our website: www.romansearch.com

We need to renew the cycle of business. Send us your cases. Let’s meet on Zoom. Continue working from home. Together we can beat this busted economy; alone we fail.

And let’s remember and honor all of the essential workers that go out everyday to keep us stocked with food, deliver our mail and preserve our health.