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9/11 Terror Threat Elevated

09.09.21 / by Inside Edition

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Analyst discusses U.S. government recommendation regarding "Go Bag".

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Retailers Beef Up Security Against Looters

06.05.20 / by Lisa Fickenscher, New York Post

Anthony Roman Says It Is A Dangerous Approach

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UNEDITED - Airline Travel Corona Risks

05.01.20 / by Anthony Roman

Anthony Roman Provides Unedited Take

Risk ManagementTravelEpidemics

Airline Travel Corona Risks

05.01.20 / by Chasing News, FOX

Anthony Roman Provides Risk Mitigation Suggestions

Risk ManagementTravelEpidemics

Deaths in the Dominican Republic

06.08.19 / by CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera, CNN

Should Travelers Beware? Anthony Roman Assesses Risks & Precautions

HospitalityInvestigationsRisk ManagementTravel

Survive a Shooting Attack

10.12.18 / by Stacey Henson, USA Today

Anthony Roman, Investigator & Risk Analyst, Provides Suggestions

InvestigationsRisk ManagementShootings

Suspect With Gun Breaks Into Hofstra Off-Campus Home

09.05.18 / CBS News

Investigator Anthony Roman explains what went wrong and how to be prepared.

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Armed Home Invasion at Hofstra Off-Campus Student Residence

09.05.18 / ABC News

Risk Management Expert Anthony Roman describes how safety precautions were unacceptable.

CrimesRisk ManagementSecurity

Hofstra Student Held at Gunpoint at Off-Campus Home

09.05.18 / News 12

Anthony Roman provides preventive measures.

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Did Sony Make a Mistake Pulling "The Interview"?

12.26.14 / by The Reid Report, MSNBC

The Sony Board May have been short sighted in their decision to not release "The Interview". Hear the opinions of Nina Khrushcheva, Professor of International Affairs, The New School University & Anthony Roman.

InvestigationsRisk Management

Sochi Olympics Prepares For Security Threats

01.23.14 / by Ashley Bennett, Government Security News

Visitors to Sochi may suffer as much risk being taken hostage, as they do from the "Russian Hammer" rescue attempt, believes Anthony Roman.

EventsRisk ManagementSecurity Terrorism

Security, Risk Management, and the Bottom Line

05.24.10 / by Anthony C. Roman,

Anthony C. Roman knows how Risk Management can save big money for your hotel right now, and long term. Read the full story to learn why an effective hotel security program is 100% necessary for your corporate and personal safety.

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