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Deaths in the Dominican Republic

06.08.19 / by CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera, CNN

Should Travelers Beware? Anthony Roman Assesses Risks & Precautions

HospitalityInvestigationsRisk ManagementTravel

Airbnb Deaths

12.11.18 / by Nancy Trejos, USA Today

“Trust Your Instincts” says Anthony Roman Investigator & Risk Manager

HospitalitySecurity Travel

Disney to Randomly Inspect Occupied Hotel Rooms To Reduce Risk of Shooters


Investigator Anthony Roman Highlights the Risks, Benefits & Effectiveness of this New Procedure

HospitalityLaw EnforcementShootings

Paris Travel Tips & Fears

11.19.15CBC News

Personal Thoughts Offered by the Traveling Public & Anthony Roman.


Hotel Guest Safety in an Unsafe World

08.16.12 / by Anthony Roman,

Luck, not necessarily preparedness, has helped hotels stave off attacks during the past few years.

HospitalitySecurity Travel

5 pressing hotel security concerns for 2012

01.05.12 / by Patrick Mayock,

The hot-button issue within the realm of hotel information technology is mobile and cloud technology. In general most mobile devices that are used for business remain unprotected, including lack of any password, let alone a complex password, said Anthony Roman, founder and CEO of a New York based global investigation and risk management company Roman & Associates.

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Summer travel alert: Scammers target hotel guests

07.07.11 / by Herb Weisbaum, MSNBC

This is a very old and common scam in the hotel business, hotel security consultant Anthony Roman tells me. "It does not go away." Roman says it does not require any particular technical skills.


CNN International-Video--Security for hotel maids

06.06.11 / by CNN International, Prism

Anthony Roman consults with Stan Grant on Prism - CNN International regarding security for hotel maids.


NYC hotel to buy 'panic buttons' for housekeepers

06.02.11 / by Chris Hawley, Colleen Long,, Associated Press

Anthony Roman, a hotel security expert, said panic button systems can be complicated and are not a 'silver bullet' protection against assaults. The devices must be small and inconspicuous so that an assailant cannot remove them easily. They also must include a locating device that works indoors so security guards can find an employee in trouble.


CNN-Video--Hotel Maids at Risk for Rape?

06.01.11 / by The Situation Room, CNN

Anthony Roman consults with CNN on The Situation Room regarding hotel security.


MSNBC-Video--Protecting hotel housekeepers

05.25.11 / by Jansing and Co, MSNBC

Anthony Roman consults with MSNBC regarding hotel security and provides some tips to keep housekeepers safe.


Sexual Affronts Are a Known Hotel Hazard

05.24.11 / by Steven Greenhouse, New York Times

"These problems happen with some regularity," said Anthony Roman, chief executive of Roman & Associates, a Long Island company that advises hotels on security matters. "They're not rare, but they're not common either."


In wake of Strauss-Kahn arrest, hotel housekeepers say jobs often make them wary

05.21.11 / by Chris Hawley, Associated Press

Anthony Roman consults with Washington post: Anthony Roman, a consultant based inLong Island New York who spent 30 years working security for hotels,said he knows of dozens of incidents involving female room attendants, from drunken propositions to rape...


Terrorists still pose threats to hotels

05.18.11 / by Anthony C. Roman,

The death of Osama bin Laden has raised the question: Are we safer in a post-bin Laden world?It is not easy to make a clear-cut prediction. To understand the current risk to travelers and the hospitality industry, it is worth understanding the elements that lead to the death of bin Laden and its affect on Al-Qaeda's ability to wage war and continue on its quest of terror.


Credit Card Hackers Visit Hotels All Too Often

07.05.10 / by JOE SHARKEY , New York Times

You can't afford to be a victim of identity theft! Proper hotel security practices can insure that you won't be vulnerable to the crime. In this article Anthony Roman discusses what you can do to insure the protection of consumer and company information.



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