"This was my first time using Roman in my career - they will now be my go to on other claims!"

Samantha T.

Regional Insurance Company


"We denied this claim and it is going to be closed. Thank you very much for your efforts on this one. The results of Roman’s work definitely assisted with the closure of this claim."

Doug C.

Fortune-500 Global Insurance Company


"My experience has been consistently great. Your team is efficient, responsive, and does quality work. We will continue to utilize your services for all of our surveillance needs!"

Michelle H.

Regional Insurance Defense Law Firm


"You guys did an awesome job, especially getting out there is a very short period of time. You and your investigators’ quality of work is excellent."

Doug C.

Fortune-500 Global Insurance Company


"This was my first time working with Roman and I must say I was thoroughly pleased with your quick communication and thorough updates. I will definitely be utilizing Roman services where opportunity allows on my desk in the near future!"

Victoria L.

Major Claims & Risk Management Company


"The service was wonderful, the report was detailed, and it had everything I needed. We will definitely be using your services in the future."

Angela C.

National Insurance Company


"We were successful on a S114-A findings based on you and your team’s excellent work and testimony on this claim. Thank you!"

Jamie C.

International Multiline Claims Services Provider


"Good news! We were able to utilize the results (of the investigation) to leverage this claim for a significantly less settlement. "

Emily B.

International Multiline Claims Services Provider


"I have been very pleased with your work. I really appreciate how quickly you guys reply to my initial assignments and also appreciate the updates along the way. It’s a pleasure working with you!"

Michelle A.

Law Firm


"I am very pleased to advise that the judge found Worker's Compensation Fraud 114a was violated. Thank you Roman!"

Jen A.

Counsel for, Representing a Major Self-Insurer


"I am very pleased with your services… This surveillance significantly reduced our exposure on this claim."

Mary H.

International Multiline Claims Services Provider


"Yes, we were super pleased and really appreciate the assist with this case. You can be assured we will utilize your services again."

Erika A.

Regional Law Firm



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