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Euro Travel Safety Tips

03.28.16 / by Solomon Israel, CBC News

Analyst Anthony Roman outlines some tips for the heightened risks.


Airport Terminal Security Failures

03.24.16 / by Megan Alexander, Inside Edition

Airport Terminal Security Failures

AviationSecurity Travel

American Airport's Attack Vulnerabilities

03.22.16 / by Dan Mangan, CNBC

Anthony Roman, counter-terror analyst, describes our strengths, weaknesses & risks.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Brussels Attack: Is America Prepared?

03.22.16 / by Closing Bell, CNBC

Both Yes & No Says Anthony Roman.


Preventing A U.S. Airport Terror Attack

03.22.16NY Daily News

Anthony Roman & Other Counter-Terror Analysts Discuss Attack Mitigation.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Travel Risks During 2016

01.01.16 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman Describes Some Safety Measures.

Security Shootings TerrorismTravel

TSA Scanner Opt Out No Longer Optional

12.31.15 / by Christopher Elliott, The Washington Post

Anthony Roman Provides the Counter-Terror Perspective.

AviationSecurity Travel

Terror Threats in Los Angeles & NYC

12.16.15 / by Nancy Dillon, NY Daily News

Anthony Roman highlights the differences in NYPD v. LA PD Responses.

Security TerrorismTravel

Hotel Safety In A Hostile World

12.09.15 / by Stephanie Ricca, Hotel News Now

Anthony Roman Describes Hotel Risk Management Best Practices.

Security Travel

Paris Travel Tips & Fears

11.19.15CBC News

Personal Thoughts Offered by the Traveling Public & Anthony Roman.


Airport Security Breach

11.18.15 / by Rossen Reports, NBC

Can the TSA find hidden weapons? Anthony Roman voices concern with Jeff Rossen.

AviationSecurity Travel

Suspicious Behavior By Airline Passenger

11.18.15 / by Sid Lipsey, Yahoo! Travel

Anthony Roman reviews criteria for reporting suspicions to authorities.

AviationSecurity Travel

Reasons To Fear Airport Security

11.18.15 / by Anthony Roman, NY Daily News

Is the flying public safe? Anthony Roman says both yes and no.

AviationSecurity Travel

Racial Profiling In Airline Scare?

11.17.15 / by Jessica Anderson and Colin Campbell, Baltimore Sun

Anthony Roman Looks At Both Sides Of The Debate.


DHS Steps Up Security At Foreign Airports

11.06.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman provides comments with Anchor Thomas Roberts.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Airport Security Failures

11.05.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

Insight into Lax Procedures is Provided by Anthony Roman.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

MetroJet--Terror or Mechanical Failure?

11.05.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

Anthony Roman Provides Several Theories.


What Brought Down MetroJet?

11.05.15BBC World News

Anthony Roman Reviews Intelligence & Region Security.


MetroJet: Multiple Possible Accident Causes

11.04.15Al Jazeera America

Anthony Roman Reviews Bombing, Structural & Attack Scenarios.


Russians Can't Rule Out Terror In Plane Crash

11.02.15Yahoo News Live

Anchor Bianna Golodryga discusses what an "external influence" might be with aviation expert Anthony Roman.


What Caused The Loss of Metrojet Flight 9268?

11.02.15 / by MSNBC's Kate Snow & Anthony Roman Discuss., MSNBC

MSNBC's Kate Snow & Anthony Roman Discuss.


MetroJet A321 Mid Air Break-Up

11.01.15CBC News

Anthony Roman Explains Possible Crash Scenarios.


MetroJet Airbus Crashes - All Souls Lost

10.31.15 / by Richard Lui, MSNBC

Anthony Roman Discusses Flight Software Glitches.


MetroJet Appeared Out of Control

10.31.15 / by Richard Lui, MSNBC

Mechanical or Software Failure? Anthony Roman Provides Insight.


Computer Failure At American Airlines

09.17.15 / by Steve Strunsky, The Star Ledger

Are Airliners At Risk? Software Designer & Pilot Anthony Roman Answers.

AviationTechnology Travel

Weapons Used In Jet Blue Brawl

08.28.15 / by Steve Strunsky, The Star Ledger

Weapons Used In Jet Blue Brawl

AviationSecurity Travel

Rapper Wiz Khalifa Detained For Riding Scooter at LAX

08.24.15 / by Lisa Suhay, The Christian Science Monitor

Was Rappers' Arrest Legal? Anthony Roman Comments.


Breaking News: Missing Indonesian Airliner Carrying 54 People

08.16.15 / by Steve Kornacki, MSNBC

Former commercial pilot Anthony Roman joins with the latest on the search.


Why Is TSA An Abysmal Failure?

08.14.15 / by Jennifer Scholtes, Politico

Hard Hitting Answers by Software Designer, Pilot & Investigator Anthony Roman.

AviationSecurity Travel

United Airlines Blames Computer Failure

07.09.15 / by Hugo Martin, LA Times

Software Designer Anthony Roman Suggests Remedies for Computer Failures.



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