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DHS Steps Up Security At Foreign Airports

11.06.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Anthony Roman provides comments with Anchor Thomas Roberts.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

Intelligence Sources Suspect Bomb on MetroJet

11.05.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

Anthony Roman weighs in.


Airport Security Failures

11.05.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

Insight into Lax Procedures is Provided by Anthony Roman.

AviationSecurity TerrorismTravel

MetroJet--Terror or Mechanical Failure?

11.05.15 / by Kate Snow, MSNBC

Anthony Roman Provides Several Theories.


What Brought Down MetroJet?

11.05.15BBC World News

Anthony Roman Reviews Intelligence & Region Security.


Russians Can't Rule Out Terror In Plane Crash

11.02.15Yahoo News Live

Anchor Bianna Golodryga discusses what an "external influence" might be with aviation expert Anthony Roman.


What Caused The Loss of Metrojet Flight 9268?

11.02.15 / by MSNBC's Kate Snow & Anthony Roman Discuss., MSNBC

MSNBC's Kate Snow & Anthony Roman Discuss.


Breaking News: Missing Indonesian Airliner Carrying 54 People

08.16.15 / by Steve Kornacki, MSNBC

Former commercial pilot Anthony Roman joins with the latest on the search.


New Debris Found On Reunion Island

08.06.15 / by Jose Diaz-Balart, MSNBC

Is it from MH370? Investigative analyst Anthony Roman joins Jose Diaz-Balart to discuss.


Will We Find The MH370 Black Box?

08.06.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Former Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman answers this & more with Thomas Roberts.


MH370 Forensics & Search Areas Explained

08.05.15 / by Ayman Mohyeldin, MSNBC

Anthony Roman, Anchor Ayman Mohyeldin & NTSB Investigator Discuss.


MH370 News: More Debris Found on Reunion Island

07.31.15 / by Jose Diaz-Balart, MSNBC

Is The New Debris Significant? This & Other Questions Answered By Anthony Roman.


Boeing 777 Flaperon To Arrive In France Tomorrow

07.31.15 / by Thomas Roberts, MSNBC

Investigative Analyst Anthony Roman explains how it will be examined.


MH370 - The Day's Recap

07.31.15 / by Laura Trevelyan, BBC World News

Anthony Roman Provides The BBC With An Overview Of Remarkable Events.


Major Lead in MH370 Search?

07.30.15 / by Lawrence O'Donnell, MSNBC

Investigator & Former Commercial Pilot Anthony Roman, Pilot John Ransom & Oceanographer Ian MacDonald join Lawrence to discuss the debris found.


Why Can't We Find MH370?

07.30.15 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anchors of The Cycle are joined by Anthony Roman & Greg Feith.


What Is a Boeing 777 Flaperon?

07.30.15 / by Alex Wagner, MSNBC

Anthony Roman Describes What a Flaperon Is & What It Does.


Lone Wolf Attacks

07.02.15 / by Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC

Anchor Kristen Welker brings in Anthony Roman on Andrea Mitchell Reports.


Terror Watch - July 4th

07.02.15 / by Alex Wagner, MSNBC

Anchor Ari Melber, Anthony Roman, & Dir. Stein Program on Counterterrorism Matthew Levitt discuss high risk holiday weekend.

Security Terrorism

TSA Terrorism Ties?

06.09.15 / by The Daily Share, HLN

Anchor Ali Nejad brings in Anthony Roman for analysis.


Huge Spike in Airliner Bomb Threats

06.02.15 / by Jose Diaz-Balart, MSNBC

Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart & Anthony Roman, Investigation Analyst, assess your risk.


No Solution to Terror Attacks

03.22.15 / by Experts Agree There is No 100% Solution. Anthony Roman Explains What We Can Do To Reduce Risk., ABC7 Wash. DC

Experts Agree There is No 100% Solution. Anthony Roman Explains What We Can Do To Reduce Risk.

Security Terrorism

Vacation in the Middle East?

03.19.15 / by Nancy Trejos, USA TODAY

Anthony Roman offers risk avoidance advice.

Shootings TerrorismTravel

Paris Terror Suspects Unprepared

01.09.15Bloomberg TV

Trained by AQAP, they can shoot, but planning was amateurish, says Anthony Roman.


Paris Suspects Stumbling From Moment to Moment

01.09.15Bloomberg TV

Anthony Roman explains the Paris Terror suspects planning failures.


Terrorists Attack School & Lone Wolf Holds Hostages

12.26.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Taliban attack school killing scores of children and many teachers. ISIS sympathizer lone wolf holding hostages in Australia botches attempt. Several hostages and terrorists dead.


Sydney Siege: Trapping the Lone Wolf

12.16.14 / by The Rundown, CNBC Asia

Anthony Roman says we are fundamentally unprepared to protect grade schools and malls from the lone wolf attack. Adam Bakhtiar & Pauline Chiou anchor.


Canadian Terrorist Attack

10.24.14 / by The Reid Report, MSNBC

Counter-terror specialist Anthony Roman is on the panel with Joy Reid during the breaking Ottawa shooting. Is this a "new world war"?

Shootings Terrorism

Terror Attack Against Canadian Parliament

10.23.14 / by Dani Sinha, BBC World News

Counter-Terror & Investigation analysis is provided by Anthony Roman. How will Canada and the U.S. work together to safeguard their citizens?


Canada Shooting Raises Counter-Terror Awareness

10.22.14 / by The Cycle, MSNBC

Anthony Roman discusses counter-terror tactics with anchors of The Cycle in the aftermath of the shooting in Ottawa.

Shootings Terrorism


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